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Okay, so you're finally getting away for that long-planned getaway and you're frantically rushing to gather all things to pack for a weekend road trip. You just want to head out the door and leave! But before you do, stop for just a moment and use these helpful hints to help you with the things to pack for a weekend road trip. May these tips assist to smooth your way out the front door and into an exciting world of new adventures.

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Obviously... a very basic one. But we don't realize how many of us actually forget to bring their wallets. Money is one of the most important things to pack for a weekend road trip. There's nothing better than having a wad of greenback (or redbacks,or bluebacks, depending on your home country) which speaks volumes and gets you in and out of where you want to go. Generally no more than a few hundred dollars will probably be enough and be conservative when you flash the cash. Always carry small bills to cover taxis and tips, and leave the big bills in a separate place only you know about.



Why is it that we always forget to bring along that extra scarf or sock? It’s a basic that everyone forgets at the last minute when we're rushing out the door. So before you slam the door behind you, do a quick assessment of what you have on you and what’s in your bag. You’ll be glad you did!



Remember that the hotel you will be staying at may not have your favorite bar of soap, razor or specialty items that will remind you of “home.” Take a moment and stuff your day bag with just enough to make your journey all that more special and comforting.


Toilet Paper

You never need it until you need it. When you're in a place like China, the rule always is, "Never give up a chance to use the bathroom as you will never know when you will have another one." This is so true when it comes to your favorite brand of tissue paper so play “defense” when you're on the road.


Business Cards

This is an overlooked essential as you may be travelling and strike up a conversation with a total stranger, who one day may be your new business partner. You may be taking a few days off but business never stops. Take at least a dozen extra cards along for your journey!



Take 'em – wear 'em. Especially when you don’t know what the weather may bring, pop a pair of cool sunglasses in your bag. They're a great accessory too, for holding your hair back or for hiding tired eyes, so better not forget them!


Credit Cards

Extend your cash only if you have to and be sure to call your credit card company if you're making a quick trip abroad so they don’t think you are a fraud and cancel your card. This happens all too frequently with identity theft being rampant. Protect yourself and make your credit card company your best travel buddy. Just call them and give the operator your travel schedule - this is especially helpful if your pocket gets picked!

What are other things do you bring on a road trip?

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