7 Things Everyone Should Pack for a Trip but Most Everyone Forgets ...


7 Things Everyone Should Pack for a Trip but Most Everyone Forgets ...
7 Things Everyone Should Pack for a Trip but Most Everyone Forgets ...

Preparing for a trip can be equally exciting and stressful. No matter how many days ago you have made your bags, until the last moment you will still be thinking of whether you should take this extra pair of jeans or if you packed your hairbrush. It’s not uncommon that when you reach your destination you suddenly remember that you don’t have it all. Here is a list of some small things that people tend to forget to pack.

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Extra Underwear

Helmet, Art, No matter how much underwear you pack, a lot of times it’s never enough. You never know what might happen and you need another pair of shocks or that extra pair of lingerie. It’s better to be prepared, so estimate about two pair of shocks, two bras and two panties for every day of your trip.


Cell Phone Charger

Gadget, White, Iphone, Smartphone, Mobile phone, This one is essential and the reason that most people forget it is that they probably charge their phone overnight and in all the excitement and the rush of the morning they forget to slip it into their bags. Make sure to pack this one, since buying a new one might not be so easy where you’re going. Better put a note on your phone to grab your charger before you walk out that door.



Eyewear, Glasses, Sunglasses, Vision care, Personal protective equipment, Since a lot of people tend to use contact lenses nowadays, they easily forget their glasses. Contacts might be your go-to choice but make sure that you pack those glasses as well. Maybe one day you’ll be quite tired and your eyes are too dry for your contacts, you never know. Also, don’t forget your sunglasses. With this climate change, you never know where or when the sun is going to shine.



Red, Flower, Beauty, Plant, Liqueur, A small bottle of your regular shampoo should go into your suitcase. Those small hotel bottles are never enough, especially if you have long hair and you never know if the local supermarket or drugstore has your brand. Spending two hours a day trying to untangle your hair is not ideal. Pack your shampoo to keep your hair problems at bay.



Clothing, Human leg, Thigh, Swimwear, Undergarment, If your cycle is fixed and you always know when your period is going to struck then no worries. But if it tends to appear irregularly sometimes, make sure to pack your tampons or sanitary pads. Again, you can’t be sure of what the local market will have on stock and a lot of women are very specific about the brand and size they use.

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Moisturizing Cream /sunscreen

Mason jar, Dairy, Tableware, Metal, Wood, Your skin is used to the brand of cream you use, especially if you are using it for a long time. You don’t know how it will react if you suddenly change to another one so you better pack that. Also, never forget your sunscreen. You might want to come back from your vacation with that bronze skin color but not with burns. Even during an overcast day, the sun might make an appearance so make sure to carry some sunscreen with you. And never forget that even if it is winter you still need your sunscreen.


Sewing Kit

Scissors, Fashion accessory, Metal, Finger, Office supplies, A travel sized sewing kit is an essential thing to pack. Especially if you are prone to wardrobe malfunctions. You might not have the space to pack all the extra clothes you would like to, so you better have that small sewing kit with you in case of an emergency. Some hotels have sewing kits or can easily find you one but some others don’t. So pack it yourself.

The last thing you need to remember now is to bring your mood. You don’t exactly have to pack this one, but you certainly need it. Sometimes people get so anxious about catching the bus or making sure they packed everything, or that the car has enough gas that traveling does not appeal anymore. Don’t let the small things diminish your enthusiasm about your trip. Good planning is the key to a great trip.

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