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There are several things to take when moving to a new country, especially when the country is brand-new to you. Say you are from the tropics and you are moving to a country with a colder climate. In 2012, my husband told me we were moving to China – after living in the United States and the Philippines – and I prepared my backpack full of essentials (aside from clothes and shoes, of course). I lived and studied in China in 2010, so I knew that it can be a challenging place to live. Here is my list of things to take when moving to a new country:

1. Medicines

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The ones you specifically need should be placed in your things to take when moving to a new country. Some medicines or vitamins may be difficult to find in the country you will be moving to. For example, my twins are taking Vitamin C and multi-vitamins, which are both available in the U.S. and the Philippines, but when we brought them to their Chinese pediatrician, he seemed to be clueless about what they are. Good thing I brought a stash of them – enough to last until we visit the Philippines soon.

2. Recipe Mixes

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My husband and I both cook. He cooks Italian, I cook Filipino dishes. Finding some of the ingredients in our respective dishes can be very challenging in a country that has a different cuisine. Months before the final move, I started moving recipe mixes to the new home. My husband asks friends and family who come to China to bring us Mrs. Dash. We are reaping the fruits of this strategic planning nowadays.

3. Important Documents

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I mean birth certificates, wedding certificates, college diplomas, and such. You never know when you will need them when you are in a foreign country. But be sure to keep copies with family members in your home country. It always pays to be prepared for whatever eventuality.

4. Steam Cooking Bags

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You know the type when you just put vegetables and then put them in the microwave? We love those because it saves time, especially when I am taking care of the twins and Jeff is working. Steam bags are very hard to find here. We didn’t find them in the Philippines so our best resort was to take some from the U.S. We still have a few of them here but my husband is panicking we might run out soon. Just make sure though that you have a microwave oven in the new house or the steam bags won’t have no use at all.

5. Photos

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This is my husband’s suggestion. He said that there's nothing like old photographs that will make you remember the happy memories of yesterday. You are moving to a new country and it might take some time to adjust. Photos make you cry and smile and they give you reasons to believe that you can make more memories in the new country that you are now living in.

6. Beauty Essentials

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Another suggestion from my husband, because he found me freaking out when I can’t find a particular brand of facial wash that I need for my oily face. Good thing a friend was coming over for a visit and was kind enough to bring eight tubes of my face’s best friend. Stock up on these fundamentals. You don’t want to look ugly in another country, right? *wink*

7. Souvenirs from Home Country

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This is to give away to new colleagues or new neighbors. We both love our home countries and we try our best to show that love by giving souvenirs. It's a sign of thoughtfulness and at the same time, you become an instant ambassador, proving that people from your country are nice people.

Anyone who moved to another country or another city? What was in your backpack of essentials?

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