7 Ways to Get a Hotel Room Upgrade on Your Travels This Year ...


We have all seen those movies and sitcoms where the protagonists magically get a room upgrade and we all wish that could happen to us, but there are actually some ways to get a hotel room upgrade on your travels this year. That's great news, because getting an upgrade means you will feel like a superstar. Sometimes it is possible but sometimes it isn't and there are so many factors which will determine whether a room upgrade is written in the stars for you. So, here are some ways to get a hotel room upgrade.

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This is for those who visit the same place every year. One of the ways to get a hotel room upgrade is to establish loyalty by visiting the same hotel if you have a tendency to go to the same destination frequently. This will make it likely that they'll look after their regulars by pampering you that little bit more.



Ask about freebies and any other special deals when you book your stay. Remember, if you don't ask, you don't get!


Frequent Visitor Programs

It seems you can't go anywhere nowadays without being offered the chance to sign up to a frequent visitor program or loyalty card. Your points will earn you free night stays and upgrades so it's often worth it, especially if you travel a lot for business and pleasure.


Frequent Flier Points

You can often trade your airline frequent flier points for upgrades at participating hotels. However, it isn't always the most cost effective way to use you points, so do your research.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Let's face it, sometimes we're not entirely happy with the room we're given for one reason or another. It might be dirty, too small or things might not be functioning as well as they should. This is the time to be vocal if the room you're assigned does not meet your expectations, and they will probably give you a better room for no extra charge. After all, with the advent of sites like TripAdvisor, businesses can't afford to have a bad review on their record as word spreads quickly!


Bad Experiences

Us Brits don't like to complain but there are times when grievances need to be aired. If someone makes a mistake which causes distress to you or your family, then be sure to tell the staff how you feel. Maybe they have misplaced your luggage or failed to make your room safe. Make it known that if they change your room, all might be forgiven.


Luck Be a Lady

Sometimes, you need to take a chance on luck. Do you believe in being at the right place at the right time? Well, sometimes a little luck is involved when getting a room upgrade. Sometimes, the budget rooms are overbooked and there are some lucky guests who can get bumped up to the executive floor for no extra cost. You never know, it could be you!

If all else fails then good old fashioned charm and friendliness is the way to go. It may help encourage the hotel receptionist to go that extra mile for you and give you an upgrade. These are just a few hints and tips for getting a room upgrade on your travels. Does anyone have any other tips for getting a hotel room upgrade?

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