7 Sites of Ancient Ruins in Peru Other than Machu Picchu ...


Everyone’s heard of Machu Picchu but there are other magnificent sites of ancient ruins in Peru that don’t seem to get a look in on the fame front. Yes Machu Picchu is totally amazeballs but if you want to see more Inca and ancient sites in Peru, here’s where you should be heading.

1. Sacsahuaman in Cusco

Sacsahuaman in Cusco

Sacsahuaman is one of the most mysterious sites of ancient ruins in Peru, for nobody knows what this enormous complex of buildings with its zigzag shaped walled fortifications was used for. Perched high above the city of Cusco, the site may have been a royal home, a fortress or a blend of the two, but archaeologists are still debating this. Each of the huge stone blocks used to construct the site's walled fortifications weighs ca. 300 tons each - how were they cut to such precision and how were they transported to this challenging site?

Pisac near Cusco
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