Dog-Friendly Places to Go in Newcastle ...


Dog-Friendly Places to Go in Newcastle ...
Dog-Friendly Places to Go in Newcastle ...

Looking for some places to take your dog in Newcastle? As a dog owner, you often worry about traveling with your pet. Will you be able to find dog-friendly accommodation? If you want to go out for lunch, will you have to leave them behind? You constantly worry about their well-being and the last thing you want is to leave them feeling stressed out in a new environment.

That’s why I love Newcastle; there are so many places that allow you to bring your pet along, so they can come with you wherever you go. Here are my favorite places to take your dog in Newcastle.

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The Rosebery Hotel

First things first; when planning a trip away you need to sort out accommodation. That’s where The Rosebery Hotel comes in. This stunning boutique hotel is beautifully decorated in a vintage chic style with antique French beds and luxurious wallpaper, but best of all? They let you bring your dog, making it one of the best places to take your dog in Newcastle.

You have to pay extra, but they do supply water bowls, blankets, a dog basket, and even a few treats for your furry friend. Plus, it’s right around the corner from Jesmond Dene Park, which is perfect for taking your dog for nice long walks. Speaking of which…


Jesmond Dene Park

If you want to enjoy a lovely walk with your pet, then head over to Jesmond Dene. This beautiful wooded park is home to lots of wildlife, including many woodland birds, the Kingfisher, and the Red Squirrel.

While your furry friend may not be allowed in Pet’s Corner (a free-entry petting zoo), there are plenty of wonderful paths to follow that will lead you past waterfalls, pools, and luscious woodland.


Brandling Villa

Getting hungry? It’s time to find a place to eat!

The Brandling Villa is a dog-friendly pub, well known for its range of cask beers and delicious (and wonderfully-named) burgers. They regularly host live music, pub quizzes, comedy gigs, and retro gaming events, and you can even play board games such as Battleship.

But, I don’t just recommend coming here for the burgers; they also have a menu specifically for dogs and it even includes dog beer; we recommend the Sunday roast, served with dog-friendly beef gravy and Yorkshire pudding (our dog loved it!).


Café 1901

If you would rather go out for a coffee than hit the pub, then try Café 1901. Like the Rosebery Hotel, this café is situated in Jesmond and serves local, home-cooked food. It’s a great place to come to for brunch, smoothies, or coffee and cake, and offers plenty of vegan and vegetarian options.

Dogs are very welcome here, and you will even find some treats for them as you walk through the door. This quirky café is the ideal spot to relax after a long walk with your pet pooch.

Where’s your favorite place to go with your dog?

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