8 Places We Wish Existed ...

The world of fairytales and magic has remained alluring and enchanting for centuries. Authors and filmmakers have created dream worlds and folkloric characters that appeal to both young and old. Happy endings and magical miracles draw us in and carry us to a far off place where everything is wondrous. Of all these places here is a list of 8 places we wish existed.

1. Wonderland

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When Alice runs down the rabbit hole and finds herself in a crazy world of peculiar creatures, never-ending tea parties and royal invitations, she learns about silly riddles and the importance of morals. This underground world appeals to us because size doesnโ€™t matter and you can get advice from a caterpillar and no one will think that is unusual. The pristine royal gardens and flamingo croquet are ridiculous to say the least but who wouldnโ€™t want to give it a try?

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