8 Truly Amazing Natural Wonders of the Middle East ...

The natural wonders of the Middle East are so much more than endless miles of desert punctured by the odd lush oasis. This part of the world throws up some rather stunning natural attractions, making for some surprising diversity in the landscape. Here are some spectacular natural wonders of the Middle East.

1. Jeita Grotto, Lebanon

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The Jeita Grotto is one of the amazing natural wonders of the Middle East located in the small country, The Lebanon. North of the capital Beirut, in the Nahr al-Kalb valley, the Jeita Grotto is two interconnected caves of limestone. Archaeology has shown that the caves were inhabited in prehistoric times but remained undiscovered in modern history until 1836. Originally the lower cave was only accessible by boat, but the grotto has been made a tourist attraction with the addition of a tunnel and walkways – even so, access is still limited to avoid damage. The grotto is home to largest known stalactite in the world, measuring an incredible 27 feet long.

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