7 Natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the USA ...

The natural wonders of the USA are breathtaking in scale and diversity. Some of them are among the biggest examples of their kind on Earth. The interest they hold for scientists, explorers and sightseers is probably immeasurable. Want to know why?

1. Hug a Tree at Redwood National Park

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Redwood National Park is one of the most famous UNESCO sites in the USA, perhaps ranking only second after Grand Canyon in terms of international media coverage and visitor numbers. Situated in the mountainous region that lines the Pacific Ocean coast of North San Francisco, this national park is home to the planet's tallest trees, which many experts claim to be among the world's oldest living organisms. Redwood National Park is home to a stunning array of rare flora and fauna, including endangered bald eagles, sea lions and pelicans. Although the redwood forest dominates the park, there are also ponds and streams and marshes that provide a much needed habitat for more than 75 species of animals. The park spans almost 16,000 hectares of ancient redwoods - the only redwood forest still standing on the planet and therefore of huge scientific importance.

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