7 Points to Discuss when You Want to Vacation with Friends ...


7 Points to Discuss when You Want to Vacation with Friends ...
7 Points to Discuss when You Want to Vacation with Friends ...

There are a lot of things to discuss when you want to vacation with friends. A vacation should be fun and memorable, yet when you spend it with friends it can all too often end up memorable for the wrong reasons. Here are some things to discuss when you want to vacation with friends …

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Where to Go

One of the most important things to discuss when you want to vacation with friends is the destination. You need to all agree on where you would like to go. If they're city people and you love relaxing on a beach or by the pool, it can be hard to find a compromise that makes everyone happy. Do you all want to visit the same destination, or is your top place to visit somewhere they've already been?



The vacation budget is another significant issue. Can you all afford to pay a similar amount for the trip? It can really cause resentment if some people end up subsidising others. Nor is it fair, unless they're happy to do so; for example paying for a villa and letting their less well-off friends tag along. Otherwise, make sure that you agree on a budget that everyone can afford.


Who Handles the Booking

One person will have to be delegated to be in charge of the booking - do pick someone who's good at organisation! Even if you leave the booking to another member of the party, do check that everything is taken care of. This avoids those ghastly moments when the booker realises that they've forgotten to confirm the trip, and you've got nowhere to stay!


Drop out?

Discuss with your friends what will happen if one person or couple is unable to go on the vacation. Ideally they should have insurance to cover themselves if unable to travel for whatever reason. It could make the trip very expensive if someone pulls out but is unwilling to pay the costs, and you can't find a replacement - and it could also ruin the friendship.


Joint Spending

As well as the costs of travel and accommodation, there are other expenses such as food and transport. Decide how you're going to deal with these costs. Will you split each one as it arises, which can be complicated? Do you prefer to start a kitty for joint expenses? Or will one person pay for each thing and the others reimburse them at the end of the trip?


Vacation Style

Another point to consider is the type of vacation you all enjoy. If you have radically different concepts of how you want to spend your vacation time, it might not be possible to reach a solution that keeps everyone happy. If you like relaxing and they are on the go every minute, look for somewhere that has plenty of activities and also a pool to lounge by.


Accommodation Type

Lastly, consider the type of accommodation you all like. Perhaps you all want your own rooms. Equally, you might be happy to pile in to a cabin together. Do your friends love camping, while you wouldn't dream of staying anywhere other than a hotel room with an en-suite bathroom? It's not going to be a fun holiday if you hate the place your friends have picked.

Of course, going on vacation with friends can equally work out very well. You can share some fun experiences and amazing places with people you like. It's essential to have the details worked out beforehand if the trip is to be a success. If you've holidayed with friends, how did it turn out?

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