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There are so many fun things to do before your next vacation that prepare and pamper you for your upcoming trip! As if the anticipation of your trip isn't enough, pampering yourself before a vacation is so much fun and totally relaxing! You'll also feel and look great and will be at your best while traveling. Here are some things to do before your next vacation that will get you in the spirit of travel!

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Get Your Hair Done

Get Your Hair Done One of the things to do before your next vacation is to get your hair done so you feel at your best during your trip! Since I only get it done about twice a year, I'll wait for upcoming trips for a new cut and color so it's fresh and easy to manage while being away from home. Lots of times the water and the atmosphere are different when you travel, so you can expect your hair to act differently, too!


Shellac Your Nails

Shellac Your Nails Another thing I love to get done before any trip is a Shellac mani! For some reason I can't justify paying for it any other time because my polish tends to last a week as it is if it's a good brand. It does get dull and chips a tiny bit at the very ends of my nails, which is why I love Shellac for vacations! It lasts 2-3 weeks and looks great the whole time. If you love getting your nails done, right before any trip is a perfect time to go. You could also add in a pedi if you're going someplace tropical!


Decide What to Pack

Decide What to Pack While I hate packing for trips, I love deciding what to bring, especially shoes, because you always need to be prepared while away from home. I seem to always pack the wrong things, whether it's shoes that aren't meant for walking long distances (yes, I've had to buy shoes while on trips!) or jackets that aren't warm enough. So make sure you research the weather and know what activities you'll be doing that require your walking shoes! Don't you wish you could just pack up your whole closet? Then we would never be unprepared!


Go Shopping!

Go Shopping! Sometimes deciding what to pack leaves you needing something you don't already own. The fun part is that you then get to go shopping! Maybe it's a new coat, a comfortable and stylish pair of boots, or perhaps it's a new bikini if you're going someplace warm! Even if you don't "need" something, shopping is always fun for any occasion!


Pick up a New Book or Two

Pick up a New Book or Two I'm not much of a reader (although I would like to be), but on trips where we fly or drive long distances, I love to bring a new book to get lost in! It's also great for when there's downtime at your new destination. If there's a book you've been dying to read, then before your next trip, pick it up and dive in! It also makes travel time go by faster.


Grab Some Magazines

Grab Some Magazines I also only buy magazines before taking off in an airplane. I generally hate wasting money on magazines but for getaways, I can justify it! I love Vogue and other fashion magazines, as well as Real Simple and home decor magazines. They are fun and a good escape!


See Your Friends

See Your Friends If you're planning a long trip away, a good thing to do is to see friends and catch up. Grab coffee or brunch and just have a fun girls' time together. Your girlfriends will appreciate the time and effort you took to be with them and you'll have some cool memories to take with you on your trip!

Most of these things I do before any trip and it's always so much fun! We're planning a 6 day trip this December for Washington DC and I can't wait! If you're anticipating an upcoming vacation, what ways do you plan on preparing for it? Do you like to get your hair or nails done right before?

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I am going to dc as well in December! When are you going to be there?

I love to try and look nice before I go on holidays, I love to get my hair and nails done and also a spray tan, and all my waxing.

I am going at the beginning of December!

I enjoy setting up a playlist of songs to listen to on road trips...not a fan of getting my hair and nails done,I mean it's not like I'm going to run into a lot of people I know right? Haha. Also,I think reading is good only for plane rides,I'd get carsick/seasick otherwise

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