8 Brilliant Attractions of Jordan That You Can't Miss ...


8 Brilliant Attractions of Jordan That You Can't Miss ...
8 Brilliant Attractions of Jordan That You Can't Miss ...

The attractions of Jordan are quite simply, outstanding. Jordan really is a much under-rated country as a travel destination – undoubtedly because of the political turmoil of the region in which it is located. Jordan has an incredible array of natural attractions and antiquities, a fascinating history and a strong culture. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with the brilliant attractions of Jordan.

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The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea The Dead Sea is an absolute natural wonder, and one of the definite must-see attractions of Jordan. Sitting 423 metres below sea level, this remarkable body of water boasts a salinity level which is roughly 8.6 times higher than that of the ocean; meaning that should you choose to swim here, you are practically unsinkable! Recent research has also shown that the waters of the Dead Sea offer numerous great health benefits, so a day or two at one of the area’s luxury spas may be just what the doctor ordered.


The Treasury (El Khazneh) at Petra

The Treasury (El Khazneh) at Petra The most striking feature of the ancient city of Petra, the most popular of ancient sights of Jordan, is undoubtedly the mysterious 40 metre high “Treasury,” which is thought to date back to the 1st century BC. Carved entirely from stone, this massive structure is the first thing you see when arriving at Petra, and the carved façade, which includes stunning images of an eagle, the goddess El-Uzza and (what is believed to be) the sons of Zeus, makes it easy to understand why Petra was listed as one of the “New Seven Wonders of the World.”


Wadi Dana Biosphere Reserve

Wadi Dana Biosphere Reserve Certainly one of the largest attractions of Jordan area wise, the Wadi Dana Biosphere Reserve occupies a whopping 320 square kilometres, which incorporates all four of the country’s different bio-geographical zones. This allows you to experience almost everything Jordan has to offer from an environmental perspective, including over 800 different plant species and numerous rare mammals and bird species. If you’re interested in hiking, you will also find yourself spoiled for choice within the Reserve, with a plethora of great marked trails on offer.


Red Desert of Wadi Rum

Red Desert of Wadi Rum When planning a holiday, it’s rare that you’d plan to visit a desert; the Red Desert of Wadi Rum, however, is one of the most popular attractions of Jordan. Practically unchanged since it was traversed by Lawrence of Arabia over 100 years ago, this vast untouched sea of red sand and towering sandstone peaks gives you the distinct feeling that you’ve suddenly gone back in time. Joining one of the camel trains, which meander through the landscape, will allow you to appreciate this Arabian treasure in authentic style.


Castle of Kerak

Castle of Kerak The Castle of Kerak is much more than just a tourist attraction, it is a historical gem; even finding mention in the Bible, as the King of Israel is said to have laid siege to the inhabitants here. The once huge castle as it stands, however, is a tribute to its subsequent occupation by Crusaders during the 12th century. Whether you’re a history buff, interested in architecture, or merely wanting to see something a little out of the ordinary, Kerak Castle is certainly for you.


The Roman City of Jerash

The Roman City of Jerash Known as one of the most well preserved Roman towns in the world, Jerash attracts over 182,000 international tourists every year, making it the second most popular of Jordan’s attractions after Petra. Although parts of the ancient city were destroyed by earthquakes or converted to military structures by Crusaders, the hippodrome, baths, temples, theatres, arches, columns, streets and city walls which remain at the site will give you an unrivaled insight into how the Romans lived.


Red Sea Coral Reefs at Aqaba

Red Sea Coral Reefs at Aqaba The beautiful resort town of Aqaba, located on the northeast coast of the Red Sea, is without question one of the most popular places to visit in Jordan. Aqaba’s main drawcard is its proximity to the Red Sea’s amazing coral reefs, which teem with marine life including fish, crabs, lobster, turtles and dolphins. A stay in Aqaba consequently allows you to swim, snorkel or dive at some of the most renowned dive sites in the world; or if you’d like to observe from a distance, a glass bottom boat ride may be right up your alley.


Mosaics at Madaba

Mosaics at Madaba Madaba, also known as “The City of Mosaics,” is, as the name suggests, home to some breathtakingly intricate stone mosaics, some of which date as far back as the 5th century. The most distinguished of these, however, is a 2 million piece mosaic map of Jerusalem and the holy land located on the floor of the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George. A further stroll through the town will also allow you to see numerous other mosaic masterpieces in various states of preservation.

Have you been enthralled by these fabulous places to visit in Jordan? Many people would never guess this unassuming country was so packed with wonderment.

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It's so beautiful.

Beautiful pictures. Great article. Now I want to go even more esp to the dead sea amazing. :)

These are facts written with all due respect to Jordanians (whether originally Palestinians or from Arabia).

Jordan really is my favourite country. I have been about 6-7 times and still feel like I haven't had enough of this gem of a country! It truly is an amazing place to be.

No need to mention Luxor that boasts one THIRD of world monuments. (A small city compared to other Egyptian cities).

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