It's Your Birthday. Give Yourself the Best Gift Travel


Why celebrate your birthday in traditional style with a party or a night out with friends or a nice meal with your significant other? The best birthday gift to yourself is travel. Let the wind fill your sails and get whisked away on a true birthday adventure.

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Opportunity for Upgrades

Probably one of the most enticing reasons for travelling on your birthday is the potential for getting countless upgrades and freebies along the way! Just as newlywed couples often get treated to travel perks if they make their recent marriage known, so too could you if you turn up to the check in desk with a big birthday badge attached to your coat!


Memorable Day = Memorable Celebration

Why should you spend your birthday doing the same thing you do every other day at home or at work? Treat yourself to a momentous trip to celebrate the day you came in to the world. Whether it be a serene solo trip or a fun filled frolic with friends, make sure you make your birthday as memorable as possible and travel to a beautiful or interesting place.


Your New Age Won’t Be a Negative

So maybe you’re hitting the big 3-0 or the big 4-0, maybe even more, but at no point during the day should this be a sad thing to think about. By embarking on an exciting travel opportunity you will be reminded that it is your experienced age that allows you to do all of these fun things. It is years since you were shackled by teenage rules; celebrate this freedom with a big trip!


It is Written in the Stars

According to those in the know, the process of travelling on your birthday actually has a meaningful basis in the mystery filled cosmos. According to astrology, taking a trip on the day of your birth increases your luck for the months to come. Whether you believe in the power of the stars or not, it is nonetheless a great excuse to plan a fantastic birthday trip.


The ‘It’s My Birthday!’ Rule

Frequently used during childhood but criminally ignored in adulthood, the ‘it’s my birthday’ rule is the perfect antidote to a potentially boring celebration. If there was ever a day where you could do whatever you wanted without the interference or objection from others, it is your birthday! And there is no better way to enforce this rule than by setting off on a wonderful travel adventure.


You Have Control

Choosing to travel on or for your birthday gives you all the power and control to decide where you go and whom you choose to go with. If some quite relaxing me time is what you need, then a solo travel adventure is perfect. If you want to celebrate your birthday in style with your loved ones in a beautiful and new location than all you have to do is let them know, it’s totally up to you.


You Deserve It!

The final and overall most important thing to remember if you are contemplating travelling on your birthday is that, quite simply, you deserve it! Whether you have a stressful job that you want to escape a while from or you just want to broaden your horizons and celebrate your birthday in style, remember that you’ve done a great job of making it to your next milestone in one piece. Go ahead, let you’re her flow free and head to the beach, you’ve done great!

It’s your birthday – where are you itching to go?

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@Neecey Berersford lmassoff! Facepalm blonde moment!!!

It's also a day you celebrate your birthday if your birthday lands on that day.

Memorial Day is not a day for celebration - It is a day set aside to honor the men and women that gave their lives for our country. It is not "the beginning of summer" - it is a day of reflection. Please do not lessen the significance of this day

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