7 Beach Themed Bucket List Ideas for Ocean Lovers ...


If you can't wait to slip into your swimsuit and bounce around on the beach, you should create a list of fun things to do this year. There's more to life than sunbathing and sandcastles, you know. Whether you prefer to stick to the sand or dive into the water, beaches have plenty of exciting opportunities for you to take advantage of. Here are a few beach themed bucket list ideas for ocean lovers:

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Outdoor Concert

Concerts are fun at any venue, but they're even more exciting when they take place on a beach. What could be better than having the sun shining, the music blasting, and the waves crashing? You haven't lived until you've been to a concert on the beach, so make sure that you get tickets ASAP. While it's best if you can go see a band that you love, there are also some free concerts on beaches, which means you won't have to spend a dime.


Camp Overnight

Even if you hate camping out in the wilderness, how could you resist spending a night on the beach? All you'd have to do is crawl out of your tent and you'd be surrounded by beautiful trees, sand, and water. There's no better scenery to wake up to, so get your friends together and camp out for a night. It won't be as scary as it sounds.


Bonfire with Buds

How many movies have you watched where teens had a bonfire at the beach? It always looks like so much fun! You can roast some marshmallows, get out a guitar to sing, or just swap stories about your love lives. Then, when you get too hot from the fire, you can go take a dip in the water.


Attempt Parasailing

The beach looks beautiful on foot, but it looks even better when you're flying through the sky. Find a place to go parasailing so that you can experience the world in a whole new way. Even if you're scared of heights, you shouldn't be too anxious, because the worst that can happen is that you fall into the water. It's not dangerous. It's just plain fun!


Pack a Picnic

Find a location that allows snacks and pack a picnic basket. The beach is no place for chocolate, so bring along some juicy snacks like watermelon. If you're of legal age, then you can get naughty by bringing some fruity alcoholic drinks along, too.


Night Swimming

You've been in the ocean hundreds of times, but have you ever swam when the sun wasn't out? It might get a little cold, but the experience will be worth the pain. Just don't get separated from your group, because you don't want to end up lost at sea.


Outdoor Movie

There are beaches that set up big screens and play movies for everyone to watch. If you can get a ticket to one of these events, go for it! It's an odd feeling to watch TV while outside, but it's pretty awesome. You can brag to all your friends about it.

If you're always on the beach, make the most of your time by trying out these activities. It's better than just lounging around in the sand all day. Have you ever tried out any of these ideas?

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Did all these except for camping, sounds like a plan for next summer!

I herd that you cant swim at night because that's when sharks are most activ

We had a picnic at night on the beach, the moon on the ocean is beautiful.

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