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8 Places We Wish Existed ...

By Neecey

The world of fairytales and magic has remained alluring and enchanting for centuries. Authors and filmmakers have created dream worlds and folkloric characters that appeal to both young and old. Happy endings and magical miracles draw us in and carry us to a far off place where everything is wondrous. Of all these places here is a list of 8 places we wish existed.

1 Wonderland

Wonderland When Alice runs down the rabbit hole and finds herself in a crazy world of peculiar creatures, never-ending tea parties and royal invitations, she learns about silly riddles and the importance of morals. This underground world appeals to us because size doesn’t matter and you can get advice from a caterpillar and no one will think that is unusual. The pristine royal gardens and flamingo croquet are ridiculous to say the least but who wouldn’t want to give it a try?

2 Narnia

Narnia After learning about Narnia, there is no little child that hasn’t stood in front of the wardrobe staring at the back wall hoping it would open. This faraway place is filled with talking animals, half man/half horse creatures that are brave and muscular and a lion that is bold and kind at the same time. The ethereal snowy landscapes with shiny ice palaces and a wicked queen make us long for white fur coats. Inspired by Northern Ireland, CS Lewis’ Narnia stories are definitely in our list of 8 places we wish existed.

3 Camelot

Camelot Knights in shining armor, love stories and castles are the most appealing backdrops for any romance writer. This realm of King Arthur, said to be set anywhere but nowhere in particular, makes it on the list of 8 places we wish existed because it captures the idyllic spirit, love and gallant men.

4 Hundred Acre Wood

Hundred Acre Wood Everyone, sometime in their childhood, went through a Winnie the Pooh phase, loving either Piglet or Tigger. This large but sunny forest, said to be inspired by the Ashwood Forest in East Sussex, England is full of large beech trees and an unlimited supply of honey. Wise old owls and a depressed donkey are endearing and even the fear of Heffalumps wouldn’t detract us from wanting to spend a day with these lovable creatures.

5 Atlantis

Atlantis A lost world that is believed to have sunk into the sea captures the spirit of mystery and adventure. An underwater kingdom with Parthenon looking buildings has a certain charm to it. Adventurers and even scientists have been searching for it for centuries ever since the legendary island was depicted by Plato. Most of the appeal lies in the mystery and conjures up images of stories like the little mermaid where everyone can live under the sea.

6 Oz

Oz There is something to be said about a shiny pair of red shoes that can transport you off to a place where there is an Emerald city and a long, yellow brick road. One of the 8 places we wish existed has to be Oz, where the characters go to search for courage, intelligence and passion. As we all do in everyday life, wouldn’t it be nice to just go and visit somewhere, ask a wizard and click your heels together to get home?

7 Never Neverland

Never Neverland One of the definite choices for 8 places we wish existed has to be Neverland. The place where you cease to age and childishness is eternal. This enchanting world with many suns and moons is a place where you can fly and Tinkerbelle actually exists in a place called Pixie Hollow.

8 EL Dorado

EL Dorado The never-ending search for wealth and opulence is personified in the on-going search for El Dorado. The lost city made of gold has been drawing explorers forever. It is supposedly overflowing with treasures and precious stones and a king who covers himself with gold dust. Set in the jungles and ruins of South America, it certainly is seductive.

There are so many more of these enchanting and magical places we wish existed and everyone has their favorite which they can share with us. Hopefully, one day, technology will be able to re-create them and we might actually be able to go there on holiday. Where will your ticket take you?

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