9 Places You Will Never Visit ...


9 Places You Will Never Visit ...
9 Places You Will Never Visit ...

When we organize our holidays we always want to go somewhere that has lots to offer us, great beaches, lovely hotels, superb restaurants, a vibrant café scene and lots and lots of attractions which will keep us busy but relaxed at the same time. The funny thing is that there are cities all over the world which have certain attractions you will never be able to see. Here is a list of 9 places you will never visit:

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Area 51

This notorious military base in the Nevada desert, USA has been a top very secret testing installation which is highly protected by private patrols. These guys have the power to use deadly force against anyone who attempts to get in the military compound. With so many rumours of UFO’s landing here and remains of their space ships and the aliens themselves being inside the base, many people would love to know the truth, but with all the security and armed guards that surround the area it is something better avoided.


Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion

We have all seen and loved the film ‘The Raiders of the Lost Ark’ with the amazing Indiana Jones trying desperately to find the lost Ark of the Covenant. One of the places you will never visit is the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion because this wondrous chest it is said, can be found in the church. This church is situated in Axum, Ethiopia and the only person who is allowed to go inside it, is a chosen monk and he is the chosen on who guards the precious ‘Ark’. Someone really should have told Indy where it was in the first place but then we would not have had such a good story line to the film I guess.


Lechuguilla Cave

If you have ever wondered what speleotherms, gypsum chandeliers and hydromagnesite balloons look like, the answer is you will never be able to find out. All these wonders can be found, supposedly in the Lechiguilla Cave in New Mexico. This closely guarded cave is totally off limits to all and sundry. You can get a permit to delve down them but you would have to be an extremely good caver, and even then the chances of you getting permission is very slim. It’s supposed to be incredible but certainly one of the places you will never visit.


Jiangsu National Security Education Museum

Situated in Nanjing in China this extraordinary museum is home to top secret documents, on the history of Chinese espionage. People are allowed to enter but they have to be Chinese nationals. Totally off limits to any foreigners who may spy these mysterious documents or even get a photo of them as a souvenir.


Ilha De Queimada Grande

Indiana Jones hated snakes, so he would definitely not want to visit this offshore island in Brazil. Mind you nobody would, except those people who have a passion for serpents of any kind. The legend has it that there are one to five snakes in every square metre of this delightful island. These snakes include some of the most venomous in the world. The island is patrolled by the Brazilian navy who keep a close eye on it to make sure no unsuspecting foreigners accidently tread here by mistake. Another place you will never visit- but in all seriousness, would you want to?


The Peak of Mount Kailash

The Himalayas; full of mystic and home to many Hindu Gods, and the peak of Mount Kailash is the sacred dwelling of Lord Shiva. He sits in perpetual meditation at the summit with the Buddha, Demchok, as Buddhists too believe that he sit here as well. The Chinese government made it a banned area back in 2001. So no climbers or anyone is permitted anywhere near the summit.


Bohemian Grove

This is somewhere that the average man and definitely never any woman, no matter how rich or famous she happens to be, will ever receive an invite. This is a men-only exclusive club, where strange shenanigans take place. Presidents, businessmen, musicians, artists and politicians are of course members to this strange and very secretive club, but no one will really ever know just what sort of dive this actually is.


Le Cercle Munster

Another place you will never visit is another very exclusive members only club, this time in Luxemburg. Mainly financiers and other bigwigs, this club is very hard to join, so for the likes of the ‘ordinary’ person this place will always be a place you will never visit, which is a shame because it is said that the food served in the restaurant is very good indeed.



This Venetian lagoon is reputedly haunted by so many things from the past that you would not want to ever go near it. Plague, Black Death and a mental hospital are the sites where all the phantoms that wander aimlessly around the area and this history of the macabre dates back to the Roman era. It is said that anyone wishing to be macabre enough can bribe a gondolier to take them there. But who in their right minds would want to go?

Weird, wonderful, strange and secretive; our fascinations with things off limits always fill us with great curiosity. Some of these places you will never visit, you simply won’t want to, others will just continue to be the source of wonder.

Have you ever tried to go anywhere you shouldn’t?

Source: nationalgeographic.com

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Indeed the Food @ Cercle Münster is very good! Greetings from Luxembourg

interesting list. My Grandpa was once a part of the group of "The Kailash Manas Sarobar yatra". He liked to tell stories and we enjoyed it in our childhood.

There's rumors that Area 51 has either to do with confidential Nazi documents and stuff or secret military advancements, such as robots or planes. Makes sense, ya know? Not UFO's.

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