9 Places You Will Never Visit ...

When we organize our holidays we always want to go somewhere that has lots to offer us, great beaches, lovely hotels, superb restaurants, a vibrant café scene and lots and lots of attractions which will keep us busy but relaxed at the same time. The funny thing is that there are cities all over the world which have certain attractions you will never be able to see. Here is a list of 9 places you will never visit:

1. Area 51

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This notorious military base in the Nevada desert, USA has been a top very secret testing installation which is highly protected by private patrols. These guys have the power to use deadly force against anyone who attempts to get in the military compound. With so many rumours of UFO’s landing here and remains of their space ships and the aliens themselves being inside the base, many people would love to know the truth, but with all the security and armed guards that surround the area it is something better avoided.

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