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Classy Tips for Surviving a Long Haul Flight like a Lady ...

By Neecey

Travel business class or first class and you get a chair that converts to a bed, showers and all manner of stuff to make your long haul flight as comfy as poss so you arrive feeling fresh and fabulous. Travel standard and you have cramped seats, no leg room, air that dries your skin and all manner of stuff definitely not conducive to arriving looking a million bucks. So how do you survive a 15-hour flight and still look and feel like a lady?

1 Pack Some Palatable Snacks to Enjoy

The problem with a long haul flight is that you are going to be hungry whilst flying through different time zones, so your body might be hankering for some breakfast when the flight attendants are dishing out some heavy-duty dinner trays. If you want to give your body what it wants rather than having to stuff yourself and be uncomfortable, pack some snacks that are going to be time-zone/jet lag appropriate, it will make for a much more enjoyable flight.

2 Keep It Casual but Classy with Clothing

Long haul flights are all about maintaining a high level of comfort, but that doesn’t mean you should rock up to the airport in your coziest pair of PJs! Loose fitting clothing like nice sweaters and some pants like jeggings that look good but give you a little room for maneuver are the best options. After all, you never know who you might run in to so you don’t want to look like a total mess!


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3 See through Zip Lock Bags Are Your Best Friend

If you don’t want to have to get all of your toiletries and accessories out at every single checking station through the airport, then you need to collect all of your small bottles and place them in a tidy zip lock bag so that airport staff can clearly see what you have and don’t have to ask you to open up all of your zips and pockets, making a scene by holding everyone in the queue!

4 Use the Bathroom before You Get on the Flight

If you are going long haul then the likelihood is that you are going to have to use the bathroom at least once anyway, but you can save yourself at least one trip by going in the airport just before you have to board. Nobody likes airplane bathrooms, so the less time you have to spend in them, the better and classier your trip will turn out to be.

5 Take a Sleeping Pill before You Even Take off

If you are the kind of person that doesn’t want to have to deal with the hours and hours of boredom that come with a long haul flight, then this can be easily remedied by popping a sleeping pill before you have even taken off. By the time you are in the air, you will be close to drifting off in to a calm and relaxing sleep. Make sure to get all of your possessions arranged before you are dead to the world!

6 Moisturize Your Face at the Beginning of the Flight

If there is one thing that is certain, it is that a long haul flight dries out your skin like an absolute beast. The best thing to do to avoid turning in to a dry skinned monster over the ocean is to do a heavy moisturize right at the beginning. Hopefully it will counteract the air conditions and keep your face comfortable.

7 Change Your Underwear and Pants an Hour before Landing

This a great tip that not many people use. You’ve been sat around in those garments for literally hours, so by changing them close to landing, you will feel much fresher when walking out in to the country that you have just landed in! Also, wash your face and apply some basic makeup like mascara and lipstick. Brush your teeth. You’ll instantly feel fresher and better.

If you’re a frequent long haul flyer, what’s your favorite survival tip?

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