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7 Insider Tips on How to Choose the Right Travel Backpack ...

By Neecey

One of the most essential basics of travel is knowing how to choose the right travel backpack. This purchase should be an investment. Unlike a suitcase which you use at the beginning and end of your trip and is pretty much ignored the rest of the time, a backpack is a heavy-use item throughout your travels. I have tracked down the best tips on how to choose the right travel backpack from regular travelers and backpackers.

1 Just Any Old One Won’t do

There are actually different styles and not all are designed for the same kind of travel, so the first stage of knowing how to choose the right travel backpack is recognizing the difference between a travel bag and backpacks designed for trekking or climbing. Backpacks for trekking are a different shape and usually only accessible from an opening in the top, making it difficult to get to stuff at the bottom. There are also pockets on the outside which don’t usually have locks on and also lots of straps, which are inconvenient.

2 Construction

A travel backpack is not a fashion item and therefore there are other considerations that are more important than the way it looks or its color. It should be sturdy in its construction and be made of a strong and hard-wearing fabric/material. Before purchasing, check the seams – give them a tug – if you feel give, put it back on the shelf. Backpacks from the best makers come with at least a 12 month warranty. Also, think of the color – backpacks come in for a fair deal of punishment so you don’t want one that shows wear and tear within a few days.


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3 Size

Another skill of choosing the right travel backpack is getting the right size. Experts recommended that the optimum size/capacity is 60 liters. In a backpack of this size you should be able to fit everything you need. And, the other thing the travel experts say is that if all your stuff doesn’t fit in a 60L backpack, don’t buy a bigger one – pack less! If you can get away with a smaller capacity, that’s even better.

4 Price

Even if your travel budget is tight, due consideration should be given the price when choosing the right travel backpack. Quality is more of a value for money indicator for this purchase. A backpack that is cheap might well break or rip not too long into your trip, and it will have been a false economy if you have to spend your travel money on a replacement. If a manufacturer has given a warranty it is a sign they are underlining its quality.

5 Try before You Buy

It is essential that the operation of purchasing a travel backpack is not just one of looking and touching. You must try it on before you buy. Check that the straps are adjustable to fit you well and comfortably. Where the pack sits on you is important. You don’t want bits of it digging into your ribs or shoulder blades, or resting at an awkward angle on your hip. If you go to the right kind of store and are making an investment purchase, get the sales assistant’s help. Some will even load a pack up for you so you can get a feel of it.

6 The Optimum

Overall, you should be looking for a travel backpack that is made specifically for backpacking. It shouldn’t be too big or too small, and it should be easy to handle. It should be of a good general shape without loads of small, fancy outer pockets and straps (internal compartments are great). This is one time when you probably should purchase from a well-known specialist brand such as Karrimor, North Face or Osprey.

7 The Expert Recommendation

If you’re still unsure as to how to choose the right travel backpack, you can simply go on what the experts recommend and that is a piece of luggage that is both a wheeled bag and a backpack. After all, there’s no rule that states that just because it’s a backpack, it has to be on you for the entire duration of your trip. Having a Wheeled Convertible Pack is a cinch when you can roll it rather than carry it. It will cut down on the hunched shoulders!

Choosing the right travel backpack is an essential phase in the planning of your adventure. These tips should help you on your way. If you have any recommendations of backpacks to share with our readers, please do so.

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