Savvy Tips to Fit More into Your Suitcase for Girls on the Go ...


Savvy Tips to Fit More into Your Suitcase for Girls on the Go ...
Savvy Tips to Fit More into Your Suitcase for Girls on the Go ...

Don’t you just hate it when you’re away and you don’t have that sweater you need because it didn’t fit in your case? Or you want to do some walking and didn’t bring your trainers and miss out on seeing some really stunning views. To solve all of your holiday problems (well, most), here are some handy tips on how to fit twice as much stuff into your suitcase.

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I always find it helpful to look at weather forecasts before I go away. This means that you get a general idea of what the weather is going to be like. However, if they say it’s going to be hot, bring a versatile sweater and some warmer shoes. If it says it will be cold, maybe pack some shorts but have tights in your bag as well. Knowing roughly what the weather is going to be like means that you can plan your outfits and have clothes that can be worn twice with other items, and this limits the amount you are taking with you.


Wear the Knitwear

It’s unrealistic to pack multiple items of knitwear and bulky clothes. So why not wear some of them on the journey? It you are only taking one sweater, wear it! This leaves space for more than one item in your bag.


Vacuum Pack

If you cannot cut down on the items that you need to take away, there is always vacuum packing. Just make sure you roll the clothes to minimise creasing and that there is a vacuum when you’re out there because you don’t want to end up with a ton of stuff with nowhere for it to go.


Key Pieces

I don’t know about you, but my wardrobe is busting at the seams, yet I still only wear about one tenth of the items. So when packing you should be realistic about what you are actually going to wear whilst you are away. If you have a dress that you have never worn and that has been sitting there for years, are you likely to wear it on your week away? Chances are you probably won’t. Take your key pieces! For example, your favourite shorts and then maybe treat yourself to a few new tops to go with them. These tops might even go with your nicest maxi skirt. This means you have many outfits with not as many clothes. As previously stated, it’s all about planning ahead.



I swear by rolling my clothes! When I was first told to do this, I thought it would leave a little more room but not much. But when I actually did it, it worked wonders, especially for denim or cotton items. It’s kind of like your own version of vacuum packing.


Limit the Shoes

There is no way that you can decrease the size of a shoe. So unfortunately, ladies, if you want to pack more clothes, the number of shoes will have to be cut down. Why not choose shoes that can go with every outfit?


All about the Accessories

Accessories can completely change an outfit from boring to fabulous. It can even just change an outfit to look like a completely different outfit. Take one boring maxi dress and one day pair it with a belt, large floppy hat, large beach bag and sandals. Then another day, throw on some heels and a statement necklace. You now have two outfits with only packing one dress.

Try some of these tips and you’ll have all the clothes you need with half the baggage. What are your packing techniques?

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I love to roll my clothing into outfits with everything in one roll!!

If you chose say 4 tops and four bottoms and make sure all the tops go with all the bottoms then you have 16 outfits. (4x4) . Have used this plan for years .

As a notorious overpacker, this has been helpful.

Space bag fit a month worth of clothes in one suitcase

What about for a theme park vacation? You know, souvenirs and stuff.

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