7 Amazing Sights in Iran ...


7 Amazing Sights in Iran ...
7 Amazing Sights in Iran ...

I’m sure a vacation to enjoy the sights in Iran doesn’t immediately spring to many minds, but this once very troubled country is an amazing place. Yes, its history is rough, and it is still emerging from it, but it is no less safe to travel here than in other developing countries, and indeed more safe than some. The sights in Iran are amazing and fascinating, and don’t deserve to be ignored simply due to the country’s reputation. As long as you read up before you go, use a guide where specified, you can enjoy a wonderful vacation seeing the sights in Iran:

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The Museums in Tehran

The Museums in Tehran Iran is a land of such exquisitely beautiful buildings and fascinating history with many museums showcasing unimaginable treasures and archaeological finds. The National Museums, Tehran are a great place to visit when in Iran, exploring the Abguineh Glass Museum and the Carpet and Reza Abbassi Calligraphy Museum is an unparalleled delight. There are wonderful museums with so much to see, one of the many memorable places to visit in Iran.



Nagash-e-Rostam For a truly astonishing sight, why not visit the Nagash-e-Rostam. This Necropolis has four crosses carved into the towering rock serving as the tombs of Darius the Great and three successor kings. The Greek crosses stand proudly above a series of Sassanian rock-reliefs within Persepolis, the ancient city, and a wondrous sight to behold. So much history contained within the area makes a trip to Nagash-e-Rostam unforgettable and one of the amazing attractions in Iran.



Persepolis Now a fascinating archaeological site, this was a once powerful and great city, partly destroyed by Alexander the Great in 330 B.C. and a large part of the lives of Achaemenian kings such as Darius the Great. One of the most stunning things to see in Iran, the site itself holds many mysteries and historical artifacts with cast stone columns, carved intricately and elaborately sculptured. Everywhere you look is a feast for the eyes, gazing into the past with rich history.


Imam Square, Isfahan

Imam Square, Isfahan Isfahan has some of the most fascinating and captivating Islamic monuments in Iran. In this city stands a plethora of the most amazing Islamic architecture in the world with buildings such as the Masjid-e-Imam (Shah Mosque), the Ali Qapu Palace, the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque bedecked with beautiful coloured tiling, and the Qaisarrieh Bazaar. In the seventeenth century, the town became the capital of the Safavid Empire. The buildings in the city were actually the inspiration for the Taj Mahal. Imam Square is the glittering jewel of the city with so many beautiful sights to see and visit, so be sure to add it on your list of places to visit while in Iran.


The Bridges of Isfahan

The Bridges of Isfahan Deserving a mention of their own, there are also many exquisite bridges in Isfahan; some of the most striking bridges you may find anywhere in the world. The Zayandeh River stretches out before you and the bridges that cross the river are truly a delight, each one should be viewed to take in the beauty of it all. Bridges such as the Sio-se-Pol, the Shahrestan and the Khajou are a spectacular sight in the late afternoon sun. A walk down the river, viewing each of the bridges, is a great way to see some of the beautiful attractions in Iran.


Chogha Zanbil

Chogha Zanbil An impressive UNESCO World heritage site, where the Elamite ziggurat is one of the greatest ziggurats still standing. The King of Elam, Untash Gal, built Chogha Zanbil around 1250 B.C. and at its completion, the temple rose to an impressive 174 feet. Chogha Zanbil was built to praise the great god Inshushinak and while no longer complete, it is still a site of great wonder and beauty - two and a half levels remain of the original 5 levels. One of the must-see sights of Iran, the temple was laid waste by King Ashurbanipal in 640 B.C.



Yazd For the chance to see some truly exquisite traditional Iranian mud brick buildings in a serene isolated town with deserts either side, take a trip to the Old City of Yazd. It’s one of the most lovely trips to take and places to visit in Iran. Home to the Zoroastrian community, the wind towers known as the “Towers of Silence” stand tall in the village and are an impressive sight for any visitor.

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to the stunning sights of Iran. This fascinating and under-rated country is well worth a visit. Have you traveled to Iran for pleasure before, have you seen any of these sites on the list? I would love to hear more about your travels and your favorite sites in Iran to learn more about it, please share with us.

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I have been to Iran on several occasions and have had no problems travelling as a single woman. There are many more amazing sights and the people are incredibly hospitable and friendly.

it looks really nice but after all the news I don't know who is going there just for travel :(

Thanks for ur article , its really good you enjoyed travelling to my country despite all the difficulties . I ensure you iranian s are friendly and hospitable

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