7 Cutest Independent Shops in Edinburgh You'll Love ...

If you’re heading on holiday to Scotland, then there are some gorgeous independent shops in Edinburgh you simply must check out! When I visited Scotland last month, these independent shops in Edinburgh were filled with all manner of delightful things to buy – the difficulty is trying not to spend all your cash at once!

1. Swish, Cockburn Street

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If you’re asking for directions to this cute little boutique, make sure you pronounce the street name correctly - it’s pronounced Coh-burn Street! Inside this gorgeous boutique you’ll find womenswear and menswear from brands such as Yumi, Closet and Numph – some of the dresses are to die for! Luckily, if you’re not travelling to Edinburgh soon, the boutique has its own website, swishlife.co.uk, where you can treat yourself to some new outfits (or even pick up some Christmas gifts!). This is one of my favorite independent shops in Edinburgh.

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