7 Attractions in Kentucky That You Cant Afford to Miss ...

By Alicia

7 Attractions in Kentucky That You Cant Afford to Miss ...

There really are some wonderful attractions in Kentucky. I know this because I have been a Kentucky girl my whole life and there aren’t too many parts of the state that I haven’t explored, at least to some degree. I am always anxious to share with others about my beautiful state. These are some of my favorite attractions in Kentucky.

1 Carter Caves State Park

Carter Caves is a favorite place of mine to visit so it definitely makes the list for attractions in Kentucky that you must see. We have beautiful state parks all over our state; this one is just the closest one to me. We go to Carter Caves and stay for a weekend once a year to enjoy being in the peaceful tranquility you can find there. There are more than 20 caves to explore for those that have a love of spelunking. If you are more of an indoor girl like me, you can still enjoy the beauty of it from your cabin window or while dining in the on-site restaurant.

2 Cumberland Falls State Park

Cumberland Falls is another one of our beautiful state parks and it is absolutely lovely. It is like a miniature Niagara Falls and is in fact called “The Niagara of the South.” Like most of our state parks, this one is set back away from commercialism and towns. The solitude is very relaxing and the sights are beautiful to see. There is a lake to enjoy, as well.

3 Louisville Zoo

I have to admit I am a zoo-lover and this one is wonderful. We have taken our children there twice and I would love to go again. It is laid out over 134 acres and there is a carefully planned path you can follow to be sure to experience it all. The exhibits are divided up into different areas where animals are grouped together for the best enjoyment. It is a very family friendly place to visit and I have always left there relaxed and refreshed.

4 Natural Bridge State Park

If you are noticing that there are several state parks in this list, it is because Kentucky is made up of such beautiful country. This state park has a natural bridge that is a sight to behold. The park is set in a wooded area and you can choose to stay in a lodge room or rent a cabin for your accommodations. The food is absolutely out of this world at The Hemlock Lodge. If you do visit, be sure to try the fried catfish.

5 Kentucky Horse Park

It is no secret that Kentucky is the horse capital of the world. The Kentucky Horse Park is a very fun yet informative place to visit. Of course you can tour the farm and learn about the care and training of horses. There are also horse drawn carriage rides as well as horseback riding to be enjoyed. If you have any extra time, be sure to drive around the surrounding areas and see the beautiful, privately owned horse farms in the area. That is one of my favorite parts of this attraction.

6 Creation Museum

Creation Museum is a museum that challenges traditional science. It takes the bible and shows how it can be accurately supported with scientific evidence. There are also many different displays that really bring the bible to life. It helps you visualize how things really may have appeared in biblical times. We visited with our children two summers ago and would love to go back.

7 Bardstown

Bardstown is special to Kentucky because it is rich in historical significance. Since I am a lover of history, this greatly appeals to me. There is a play that you must see if you visit the area, “The Stephen Foster Story.” This play is about the life of musical composer, Stephen Foster. You can also visit the historical district and tour the mansion that was home to three Kentucky governors long ago.

Kentucky is a beautiful state with many interesting things to see and do. Have you ever seen our state or visited any of these attractions? Which of these attractions most appeals to you?

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