7 Wonderful Attractions of Wyoming the Equality State ...

By Neecey

7 Wonderful Attractions of Wyoming the Equality State ...

I’m indulging myself – and you dear readers – with some of the great attractions of Wyoming. I’ve always loved the idea of Wyoming and it’s very high on my list of places I want to visit in the USA. Those endless grassy plains and wide open skies just call to the wilderness girl in me. I imagine it to have an aura of emptiness about it, but there are still plenty of attractions of Wyoming for visitors to marvel at.

1 Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park, which covers roughly 310,000 hectares of land and plays host to the stunning Teton Range, is unquestionably one of the most important natural wonders of Wyoming. The park is the perfect place to really get back to nature, as it offers hundreds of different camp sites. In addition to the opportunity to partake in a variety of different outdoor activities such as fishing, climbing, hiking and swimming, the park also provides visitors with some of the most amazing scenery in the state!

2 Wind River Canyon

Wind River Canyon is definitely one of the most visually spectacular places to go in Wyoming, owing in part to the 760 meter high rock walls that tower along both sides of the canyon. The region is also fantastic if you’re interested in the great outdoors however, as there are an absolute plethora of exciting activities on offer, including fishing, white-water rafting or taking the Wind River Canyon Scenic Byway Drive, which allows you to read up on the area's fascinating geology. The fact that the canyon is also on the way to Yellowstone National Park, another of Wyoming’s must-see attractions, only adds to Wind River’s appeal.

3 Yellowstone National Park

One of the most popular attractions of Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park is world famous for both its megafauna and its geothermal sites, although there are also magnitudes of other great things to see. The Old Faithful Geyser is certainly one of Yellowstone’s most recognizable features however, and something that every visitor to the park should witness at least once. If you’re more interested in flora than animals and geysers though, you need not despair, as Yellowstone also plays host to over 1700 different native plant species, in addition to numerous exotics.

4 The Flaming Gorge

The Flaming Gorge is one of the most colorful natural wonders of Wyoming, with the bright red sandstone cliffs contrasting beautifully with the smattering of green brush, which then meets the blue waters of Green River. When you’re done marveling at the scenery, however, you will be amazed by the number of different outdoor activities available, with everything from camping, windsurfing, hiking and boating, to snowmobiling, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing on offer.

5 Cheyenne

Home to the largest outdoor rodeo in the world during the Frontier Days Celebration in July, Cheyenne is unquestionably one of the most interesting “Western” attractions of Wyoming. If you miss the July festivities, however, you need not worry, as Cheyenne plays host to a number of permanent Western attractions, which range from trail rides and old west museums to gun slinging and wild wild west shows. Holiday makers that get country fever may even like to check out the 2.5 meter cowboy boots. Plus, as the state capital, there are more than enough cultural, social and historical attractions too.

6 The Devils Tower

Formed by volcanic activity and weathering, the 386 metre high Devils Tower has become one of the most visited tourist attractions of Wyoming, even though it is a little off the beaten track for most travelers. The landscape surrounding this amazing rock formation is absolutely breath-taking, although for most people the real prize is the view from the top of this one of a kind national monument. It is consequently unsurprising that roughly 400,000 visitors choose to climb Devils Tower every year. I can’t promise you that aliens are going to land but you probably will be inclined to model the Devils Tower the first time you eat mashed potato after your visit.

7 Grand Prismatic Spring

On first arriving at Grand Prismatic Spring, which is situated within Yellowstone National Park, most travelers are struck by the absolute myriad of colors on display (hence the spring’s name “Prismatic,” which refers to the rainbow of colors given off by a prism). You may find it a little less romantic, however, when you discover that the colors are actually produced by bacteria, although the spring is certainly one of the best places to go in Wyoming if you’re hoping to return home with some breathtaking photographs.

I’m even more convinced now that I need to see the attractions of Wyoming in person. Have you been? Is it magnificent?

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