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10 of the Best Shops in the World ...

By Neecey

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10 of the Best Shops in the World

Welcome to the best shops in the world. These shopping extravaganzas tempt you in to part with your cash in mere minutes. Feast on glorious displays all paying homage to the great God of Retail, where the finest materials and craftsmanship touch every sense. Even window shopping or just browsing is a wonderful experience in the best shops of the world. If your credit card can stand a hammering here are some of the world’s greatest retail establishments:

1 Blaspheme Paris

Different and definitely one of the best shops in the world, the delightful French boutique of Blaspheme specializes in an array of French Jewelry, designer photo frames, stationery and top of the range pens. Absolutely THE place in the City of Light for special trinkets and unique gifts. For your special Blaspheme experience, visit 37 Rue St. Louis, Paris.

2 Enoteca Picone, Sicily

Some of the best shops in the world don’t just sell food – they are a gastronomic journey. Considered as the best wine shop in the Sicilian capital of Palermo, Enoteca Picone has a superb selection of Italian, Sicilian and selected wines from around the world for you to choose and enjoy. To accompany your wine, the best of olive oils and a range of delicious pastas are on offer as well. Wine tasting by the glass and meats and cheese are served at tables at the back of the shop. They are not open on Sundays. The address is Via Marconi 36, Liberta, Palermo.

3 Dinosaur Designs, Sydney

Specializing in selling Australian handmade items and run by a team of leading Australian designers, Dinosaur Designs in Sydney is a shop where you can “shop till you drop” with their collection of unusual jewelry and items for the home. Stylish, chic, sometimes avant-garde, but always interesting, many of the pieces on sale are made from resin, as well as many crafted from silver, ceramic or glass.

4 Ajmal, Dubai

Dubai has more than its fair share of premier boutiques. Every woman loves perfume and Ajmal in the Desert City is a dream shop. You waft in to the aroma of exotic Arabic scents, which is different from western perfumery which tends to be more floral and woody. The décor is luxurious, sweeping you into a different experience with its ambience and richness. There is even an Ajmal in-house perfumier to assist and mix a special personal blend for you.

5 Kiddyland, Tokyo

You expect Tokyo to have some of the best shops in the world. Kiddyland has delighted Japanese children and adults since it opened its doors in the Harajuku district of Tokyo in 1946. This store has six floors of wonderful entertainment with all the very latest Japanese toys, games and gadgets that appeal to young people. Among the toys that are classics the world over are Godzilla, Pokemon and of course ‘Hello Kitty.’ When in Tokyo, a visit to Kiddyland is fun, no matter your age.

6 Liberty of Regent St. London

Liberty has since its beginning in 1875 been renowned for its superb range of fabrics and house wares, with William Morris being one of its famous designers. More recently fabrics designed by Manolo Blahnik have added modern themes to what is often seen as a somewhat staid range. This traditional old-fashioned styled shop offers its customers a variety of quality goods that range from bags, shoes, haberdashery, home wares, well made clothes, top cosmetics and perfumes. Shopping at Liberty is a special experience and is certainly one of the best shops in the world.

7 Antigua Casa Talavera, Madrid

Here you will find a delightful selection of Spanish craft items including hand-painted vases, plates, jugs and other pieces for the home that make ideal gifts. If you have been inspired by the ceramic tiles that form many of the decorations of buildings in Spain (particularly in Madrid’s Palacio Real), you’ll be charmed in this understated establishment that from the outside you would never imagine it could be among the top shops in the world.

8 Macys

Is this the most famous of all the famous shops of the world? Possibly! In New York, the flagship store of Macys is the shop where you can buy everything you could possibly want. Clothing, handbags, cosmetics, furniture, crockery or even a new watch, Macys has it all for you. Besides being the biggest shop in the world, Macys is part of the New York culture. Every year it hosts the city’s fantastic display of fireworks on July 4 as well as the city’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

9 Back Beat, Amsterdam

Totally in keeping with the bohemian atmosphere of the Dutch capital, Back Beat can claim to be one of the greatest music emporiums in the world – it is so much more than a mere record shop. From collector’s items to soul or jazz, Back Beat is the music lovers store for new and second-hand records and CDs, and you can follow in the footsteps of Mick Jagger and Jules Holland.

10 Abodeon, Boston

With the continuing trend for all things retro and vintage, there’s only one shop to visit in Boston and that is Abodeon. Whether looking for lamps, sideboards, crockery or gifts, the selection is never-ending. There’s a delicious range of jewelry and unusual objets d’art that are sure to be a talking point.

My credit card is cowering in fear just at the thought of some of these best shops in the world. Even when bargains are to be had – and there’s plenty of them – there’s still so much to tempt you into spending way too much. Have you ever been to any of these? Do they deserve their billing as being among the world’s best shops?

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