10 of the Best Shops in the World ...


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10 of the Best Shops in the World

Welcome to the best shops in the world. These shopping extravaganzas tempt you in to part with your cash in mere minutes. Feast on glorious displays all paying homage to the great God of Retail, where the finest materials and craftsmanship touch every sense. Even window shopping or just browsing is a wonderful experience in the best shops of the world. If your credit card can stand a hammering here are some of the world’s greatest retail establishments:

1. Blaspheme Paris

Different and definitely one of the best shops in the world, the delightful French boutique of Blaspheme specializes in an array of French Jewelry, designer photo frames, stationery and top of the range pens. Absolutely THE place in the City of Light for special trinkets and unique gifts. For your special Blaspheme experience, visit 37 Rue St. Louis, Paris.

Enoteca Picone, Sicily
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