8 Cheap European Vacation Ideas That Will save You Thousands ...

Who doesn’t love the idea of travelling overseas? Does Europe seem an unattainable dream? Would some cheap European Vacation Ideas make a transatlantic trip a reality? We all love to get value for our money, so when we choose a holiday destination we would like to know we are going to a place that offers a great experience but without having to break the bank to pay for it. There are some great places which are opening up for tourism in Europe which can really be considered as ideal budget vacations offering visitors unspoilt settings where they can spend some real quality time. Here are 8 Cheap European Vacation Ideas That Will Save You Thousands.

1. β€œPul-a” Great Deal in Croatia

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Pula on the Istrian coast of Croatia is a beautiful city on the Adriatic Sea which more people discover every year. The incredible Roman amphitheatre here is regarded as the best preserved in the world. Getting here is easy, it has an International Airport and a bus which leaves from Trieste or Venice which winds its way to Pula passing through the amazing landscapes and coastline. There is a catamaran service from Venice to Pula. The area is exquisite, the beaches divine, with restaurants, cafes and bars in town which cater for every ones’ budget. There is a vast selection of affordable hotels as well as bed and breakfast accommodation in Pula and the surrounding countryside.

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