8 Ways to save Money While Holidaying Abroad ...


8 Ways to save Money While Holidaying Abroad ...
8 Ways to save Money While Holidaying Abroad ...

Considering how easy and economical it has become to travel abroad, more and more people are choosing to spend their vacations in exotic destinations around the world. However, I have found that many people end up spending far in excess of what they had planned or what their budget permits. Here are some ways to save money while holidaying abroad.

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Make Early Reservations

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When it comes to booking your air tickets, the earlier you do it, the cheaper it will be. Also, if you can combine air ticket, hotel and car rental reservation you can get a significant discount.


Stay in Serviced Apartments

If you are a group of 4 or more people, you may want to consider taking up a serviced apartment for your stay instead of booking hotel rooms.


Saving on Meals

Meals are amongst the single largest expense amongst holidaymakers, but it is also one of the most effective ways to save money while holidaying abroad. If you have taken a serviced apartment, make at least one meal per day in your kitchen. If you are staying at a hotel, you are likely to have the cost of breakfast included in the room cost. Make use of it.


Tours and Sight Seeing

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Another big expense is tours and sightseeing. Many hotels have tie ups with tour operators and offer discounts to their patrons if they book their tours directly at the hotel. Use this option as much as possible as it is one of the highly effective ways to save money while holidaying abroad.


Saving on Shopping

Shopping is the other money guzzler when it comes to holidaying. Decide on a budget with your family or friends beforehand and ensure that you stick to it.


Spend on Insurance

This is one of the ways to save money while holidaying abroad. Insure your airline tickets, so you can reschedule without losing money. Insure your rented car, so you don’t spend out of your own pocket in case you have an accident and need any repairs.


Saving on Calls

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If you have to make domestic or international calls, see if you can use Skype or other free net enabled services. If that is not possible, use the hotel phone to make domestic calls, but use your own cell phone to make any international calls. Preferably, buy a local call card to reduce expense on local calls.


Travel in the off Season

This is perhaps the most obvious, but also one of the best ways to save money while holidaying abroad. Prices are bound to be hiked up during the peak season and you will save tons by traveling only in the off season.

These ways to save money while holidaying abroad are extremely effective as well as easy to follow. You will find that you have peace of mind during your holiday. Also, you won’t have to worry about a huge credit card bill waiting for you when you get home.

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