7 Scenic Informative and Just Downright Wonderful California Road Trips ...


7 Scenic Informative and Just Downright Wonderful California Road Trips ...
7 Scenic Informative and Just Downright Wonderful California Road Trips ...

There are more than just a few California Road Trips, in addition to the iconic Highway One route which is known for having the best view of the Pacific Ocean in the whole state. There is more to California than just the sun-kissed streets of Los Angeles, but with these 7 scenic, informative and just downright wonderful California road trips you can see a different and more wild side of America’s third largest state; a side which has been untouched by civilization, leaving only the scenic and natural beauty of this side of the world.

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Route 66

Route 66 is the traditional road trip for all people who just want to get away from it all. This is the road which people originally came to California traveled when they populated it in the first place. While this can be perfectly well traveled in a car, if you want the best results, then ride a motorcycle. Route 66 is not just about viewing gorgeous California scenery but is also about the quirky and fascinating stops along the way.


Twisty Redwood Ride

For motorcyclists, this is perfect if you want to experience twisty turns cutting a winding swathe through enchanting redwood trees, California’s most magnificent flora specimen. Simply make your way to the Town of Leggett before heading West on Highway One. When you have got to the North End of the highway then prepare for 22 miles of heart-pounding and head-rushing fun as you experience this fantastic run set in the mysterious green heart of California.


Pacific Coast Highway

The most raved about California road trip has to be the Pacific Coast Highway stretch of Highway One which takes you through Santa Monica and Malibu. If you were wondering why a Malibu beach house can cost you so much and why this is home to the rich and fabulous, then you will certainly find out on this drive as you get to view the sloping cliffs and palm trees set against a light-blue ocean backdrop.


Avenue of the Giants

This California road trip will take you to Highway 101 just before the official Redwood Coast begins. This route is best driven in the morning where you can view the clash of nature’s artistic colors in the sky as the sun rises and the shine of the weak rays of sunlight which will bounce off the drops of dew hanging off some of the tallest redwood trees on earth.


Trinity Scene Highways

Just before you reach Mount Shasta, on Highway 3, you can expect to plunge into yet another of California’s unique environments. These alpine lakes and mountain ranges will make you forget you are even in California as you wind in and out of these natural and undisturbed sites. This California road trip only gets increasingly rewarding as you continue to head West where you will once again come face to face with the deep-blue carpet that is the Pacific Ocean.


Mendocino County’s North Coast

Where Highway One joins up with Highway 101 after Fort Bragg, you will be bypassing what is known as California’s Lost Coast. This coast is considered too delicate to support a highway and is therefore untouched by human hand. Instead you can continue driving north to San Francisco where you will get to witness trees which are so tall that they partially block out the sun, and roaming Elk which are just waiting to salute you as you drive past.


Highway 49

A new perspective of the Golden State awaits you on this California road trip which takes you down the length of Highway 49. This can also be referred to as the gold road as it takes you past Old West mines and little Victorian towns. A forgotten piece of California and America’s history can once again be relived as you follow the same route as the 49ers during the Wild West Gold Rush which brought so many Americans fame, fortune, wealth, and maddening desperation.

These Scenic, Informative and Downright Wonderful California Road Trips are not just there to help you rest and relax; they are a window into America’s and California’s previous history from when the area was first colonized by pioneers from all nations. So take a California road trip and get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. What other road trips have you found to be most enjoyable in the past?

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