Camping is Cheap and More Fun than You Imagine ...


Many girls turn their nose up at camping thinking that roughing it is not for them. No doubt you've heard the arguments about freedom, getting back to nature, no sense of time etc, but I thought I would share some of the other joys of camping to see if I can persuade you to try it - at least once in your life.

1. Choose Your Style of Camping Heaven

You don't have to be a tough-nut cowboy living on nothing but beans and dried meat, nor do you have to sleep under the stars wrapped up in a blanket. You can make your camping trip as basic or as luxurious as you wish. If you want to pretend you're Bear Grylls, go ahead and skin your own bunny rabbits and roast a wild boar on a spit. For a slightly more sophisticated approach, take the car, load a double-skinned tent into it and drive right up to your designated campsite, which is permitted on most camping grounds. Unload tent, sleeping bags and pillows, lawn chairs and portable BBQ and take a deep breath: ahhhhh, this is an outdoor life worth living!

Singing around the Campfire
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