4 Great 👍 Travel ✈️ Websites 💻 to Help You 🙏 Decide 🤔 Your Next Destination 🗺 ...

I'm here to share some great travel websites to help you decide your next destination. While most people use word of mouth for travel suggestions or travel agencies, we forget to use the other resources we have to spark that travel bug. Searching through emails and magazines, I was able to find these four travel websites to help you decide your next destination.

1. Travel+leisure

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-This magazine subscription concentrates on the best places or cities, dependent on your agenda or goal.

-It lists several articles that provide knowledgeable and factual information about serious up to date issues in that location
-Information for shopping buffs is provided with prices

2. Conde Nast Traveler

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-This website and magazine provide interesting facts about what makes the location so unique

-It also provides statistics and helpful information when planning a trip, which could potentially save your life
-It provides positive healthy suggestions

3. Cruise Critic

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-If you're looking for great deals, discounts, and specials, this magazine is the choice for you
-Provides practical advice that may save you tons of money in the long run
-Guides you to explore the most exotic destinations or intellectually fulfilling destinations

4. Shermans Travel

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-Provides specific discount prices and how savings is the primary goal
-Deals, bargains and affordability are the goal
-Less is more concept

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