7 Amazing Places to Visit in Staten Island ...

If you happen to live in or near New York City you may think, "Why the heck would there be places to visit on Staten Island? It’s a dump over there!" Although at one point Staten Island did have the biggest garbage dump on the east coast, they have cleaned up. There are also several different places to visit on Staten Island that don’t smell bad and are actually entertaining to go to. So head down to the Staten Island Ferry and start picking out the places you want to visit on this 17 mile island!

1. Arthur Kill Shipyard

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This is one of the few places to visit on Staten Island that I haven't been to yet, but I really want to go! Located in the southwest corner of Staten Island, and right next to a juvenile detention center and abandoned graveyard, is the Arthur Kill Shipyard. However, this is not like any other shipyard that you have ever encountered. This is the place where ships meet their demise. There are dozens of ships there, and several are over a century old. Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy wiped out a good portion of the yard, but many ships still remain.

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