7 Alternative Ways to Experience Culture as a Tourist ...


Whenever the word ‘culture’ comes up in regards to your holiday, you probably immediately think of an endless list of museums. Whether or not you enjoy museums, there are many different ways to experience culture in a foreign place other than learning about its history and heritage, and with much more enjoyment than these museums usually offer. Of course, not all museums are stuffy and boring. In some, you can experience culture that is fun and interactive, using multimedia as a part of their exhibits, while some have the impressive grandeur and opulence of their locations that makes for most of their appeal, but these kinds of museums seem rare compared to the other kind! I’m going to share with you some ideas on how to best experience culture in a wider range of different ways to show that culture really isn’t just museums (though museums should certainly have some place on tourists’ check lists).

1. The Cinema

The film industry is very different in other countries compared to America. It is worth going down to your nearest cinema and having a look at what’s on offer and, if you’re brave enough, maybe even sit through a foreign film (most of them have English subtitles, so you’re in luck!). It is always interesting to compare and contrast customs in cinemas abroad to cinemas back at home. Imagine sitting through a fabulous Bollywood movie in Kolkata, or a fantasy martial arts flick in Hong Kong.

Drink at Local Bars
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