A Look ๐Ÿ‘€ at 10 of the World's ๐ŸŒŽ Most Famous ๐ŸŒŸMusical ๐ŸŽค Venues ...

Whether you love pop, rock, opera or classical, sometimes the venues manage to outshine the music! The worldโ€™s most famous musical venues stand out as major attractions for their historical, architectural and cultural heritage, history, and influence. From purpose-built venues to antique theaters, the most famous musical venues in the world are an eclectic mix.

1. Mozart House, Vienna, Austria

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Mozart House (known as Mozarthaus in Austria), is the only surviving appartment that belonged to Mozart. The famous composer lived on the premises between 1784 and 1787. The premises where Mozart lived were extremely grand, there were four large rooms, plus two smaller rooms and the kitchen. The museum is now used to celebrate the life and work of Mozart the musical genius. In the appartment, you will find four different levels of exhibitions. The Mozarthaus does not just focus on Mozart himself, but also shows visitors about the era in which he lived.

The years Mozart spent in Vienna were his most creative years and the exhibition held there focuses on all of his best works. Tours through three seperate floors will show you different aspects of Mozart's life. On the first floor, you'll find information relating to the years that Mozart resided there with his family. The design of the first floor of the Mozarthaus is purposefully decorated in a completely different style to the other areas of the museum. The aim was to try and recreate the authentic 1780s living space. On the second floor, you will learn about his opera work. On the third floor, you get to know more about Mozart himself - who his friends were, his link to the Freemasons, what he performed while in the beautiful city of Vienna, his love of games and so much more. The fourth floor of the Mozarthaus remains as a privately owned appartment, so part of the building still gets used for its original purpose.

The house, which Privatstiftung Sucher is the owner of, was revitalised by Klaus Becker. Gustav Pichelmann was the person responsible for the interior design that included both the event and exhibition areas of the house. Extensive studies about the building's history and a close relationship with the Protection of Monuments section of the Federal Office were needed to complete the work.

Most of the Mozarthaus is used for exhibitions and as a museum, but there is also another area that is used to stage events. Events take place within the vaulted cellar that is in the basement. The cellar was renovated and transformed into an area suitable for music concerts. Bernd Quiring was responsible for the acoustic design.

There are several different concert halls in Vienna which have ties to Mozart. 'Concert's in Mozart's house' take place in the German Teotonic Order, which is where Mozart lived during the year 1781, helping Archibishop Colloredo. Vienna's oldest concert hall "Sala Terrena" is where Mozart performed many pieces. Decorated with frescoes in the late Venetioan Renaissance style, it is a popular place to house performances of classic Viennese chamber music from the 18th Century.

A concert hall that was previously located in the Bรถsendorfer premises, closed during March 2010. The company relocated from an old warehouse to Wiener Neustadt. The tradition of Bรถsendorfer concerts is going to continue in Mozarthaus, Vienna, in the high-vaulted second floor basement venue.

Mozarthaus, Vienna is located at: Domgasse 5, A-1010 Vienna.

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