8 Top Attractions of Edinburgh ...


The Edinburgh attractions are many;

the city has something for everyone and much more on offer than you may realise.

Edinburgh is a beautiful city which sits on rocky outcrops and overlooks the sea;

ancient monuments and buildings are perched on the jagged crags and the whole city is overseen by the castle.

To make the most of your visit, have a look at our list of Edinburgh attractions before you go but make sure that you leave plenty of time to wander around the picturesque old town and neoclassical new town.

One of the greatest Edinburgh attractions is its easy accessibility and that it can be explored easily on foot.

Here’s my 8 Top Attractions of Edinburgh:

1. Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

The most obvious of sights of Edinburgh is its castle;2

it would be easy to spend hours looking at the various war exhibitions and memorials as well as Scotland’s Crown Jewels which are housed in the castle.

Make sure that you also have time to take in the views from the walls and ramparts which offer visitors a unique perspective of the city.

Mons Meg, one of the oldest and largest cannons in existence is fired from the castle every day at 1pm and shouldn’t be missed.

2. Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo

An Edinburgh attraction of interest to younger visitors is situated on Corstorphine Hill and is ranked as Edinburgh’s 2nd best tourist attraction.

The zoo is also a world renowned scientific centre which specialises in research on animal behaviour and conservation.

The zoo is home to jaguars, rhinos, lions, koalas, tigers as well as well as the now famous two giant pandas which the zoo (and its thousands of visitors) hopes will successfully breed.

3. The Museum of Childhood

The Museum of Childhood

The museum was first opened in 1955 and is generally considered to be the first in the world to illustrate how children were brought up, educated and dressed in the early years of the last century.

The museum also has a huge collection of dolls, train sets and teddy bears which have been collected from all over the globe.2

The National Library of Scotland
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