7 Places for the Best Bird's Eye View of London ...


I love to visit places to get a bird’s eye view of London.

Looking down and across the city you get to see what you can’t appreciate at street level, and that is the diversity of the architecture, plus how packed the city is, yet how much is given over to its green spaces.

Want to know the best places for the best bird’s eye view of London … coming right up!

1. London Eye

London Eye

This has to be the first place you are going to go if you want a bird's eye view of London.

You sit in a glass and metal pod and are taken around on a very big Ferris Wheel.

It is 135m high, which means on a clear day you can see 25 miles in any direction.

It was originally built as a trophy/celebration piece for the Millennium celebrations with the idea it would be taken down at some point, but after a while it found private sponsorship with the energy company EDF and is now here to stay for the foreseeable future.

2. O2 Arena

O2 Arena

This is the structure formally called the Millennium Dome.

This too was supposed to be removed at some point, but the O2 Company bought it and now holds concerts and events.

If you are lucky, you may be able to book a trip to the walkway over the roof.2

You are given a harness and led to the observation room.

You do need a head for heights, even more than with the London Eye, because you are a lot more exposed to the outdoors.

3. The Shard

The Shard

This is London’s tallest building that looks like a shard of something sharp.

At level 72 there is an observation deck from where you can see up to as far as 40 miles away.

It is very high, and there are digital telescopes you can play with too – they tell you interesting facts about the buildings and landmarks you are seeing.The highest are really quite dizzying to the point of being intimidating if you are not used to it, but it is genuinely one of the best places to get a bird's eye view of London.2

Parliament Hill
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