7 East Coast Vacation Spots Not to Be Missed ...


East coast vacation spots run the gamut—from fun and fabulous to breathtaking and beautiful.

If you have not been to the east coast, you are missing an opportunity to see a part of the country that has so much to offer in the way of vacations.

Maybe this is why so many east coasters continue to stay at their favorite east coast vacation place year after year.

While it is difficult to narrow it down to only a few, here are 7 East Coast vacation spots not to be missed.

1. Orlando, Florida

What is there to say that has not been said about everyone’s favorite theme park—Disney World?

But aside from the many Disney and non-Disney theme parks, water parks and shopping villages, Orlando is also close to such places as the Kennedy Space Center, Busch Gardens and, of course, an endless coastline filled with beautiful Florida beaches.

2. Savannah, Georgia

There is a reason Savannah is one of the top ten city destinations in the United States.

Aside from its history dating back to 1733, it is a cultural haven filled with architecture that dates back to its very early beginnings combined with more contemporary designs.

The riverboat rides provide a glimpse into the majestic scenery that surrounds this great southern city.

3. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is considered the number one family beach by Americans.

With endless hotels and vacation rentals, visiting here can be as busy or as relaxing as you like.

There are casino ships, numerous theatres with a wide variety of shows for the whole family as well as amusement and water parks.

For real family fun, there are also numerous miniature golf courses, a zoo and an aquarium.

4. Outer Banks, North Carolina

Learn how the Wright Brothers made their mark in aviation history, explore the majestic lighthouses all along the Outer Banks or try to find the nearly four hundred different types of birds that call the Outer Banks home.

Oh, yeah—there are beautiful beaches there too.

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