Delicious 😋 Destinations ✈️ for Girls Who Love 🤤 Chocolate 🍫 ...


If you love chocolate where are the best places for you to indulge in this sweet treat?

Answer – some fabulous destinations all around the world!

1. Cadbury World – United Kingdom

Cadbury World – United Kingdom

Visit the home of the British institution that is Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate.

You can tour the factory and visit a museum that tells you about the history of Britain’s favorite chocolate, plus a huge gift shop and treats along the way!

2. Rausch Chocoland – Germany

Rausch Chocoland – Germany

This Berlin based café and shop is famous for its incredibly decorated and intricate creations, including a huge chocolate volcano and a chocolate replica of the famous Titanic!2

3. Angelina – France

Angelina – France

A former favorite of iconic figures like Coco Chanel and Marcel Proust, this café is known for its amazing African hot chocolate, said to be the best hot beverage in all of Paris.

4. Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate – Belgium

Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate – Belgium

Belgian chocolate is revered the world over, and you can learn all about the history of the country’s relationship with the sweet treat at the museum, complete with a traditional chocolate making demonstration.

5. Amedei – Italy

Amedei – Italy

Located in the Chocolate Valley of Tuscany, Amedei is one of the world’s most loved and respected chocolatiers, and you can visit for a tour and a tasting session with a group of friends.

6. Chocolate House – Luxembourg

Chocolate House – Luxembourg

This is one of Luxembourg’s most popular cafés serving cakes, pastries and their signature chocolate spoons.

You absolutely cannot leave without sampling the apple strudel hot chocolate!

7. The Chocolate Train – Switzerland

The Chocolate Train – Switzerland

The reputation of Swiss chocolate is quite rightly unprecedented, and this delightful chocolate train takes guests on a picturesque journey through the countryside that culminates in a delicious tasting session.

8. Chocolate Theater – Austria

Chocolate Theater – Austria

This awesome factory is home to a chocolate theater, a cocoa cinema, interactive fun games and most importantly of all, an unlimited supply of free samples for you to enjoy!

Museu De La Xocolata – Spain
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