7 Tips on Camping out in the Jungle ...


7 Tips on Camping out in the Jungle ...
7 Tips on Camping out in the Jungle ...

Camping in the jungle can be adventurous, but it is important to take necessary precautions to ensure that you come back safely. The jungle can indeed be a bid bad place, if you are not prepared for all eventualities. Here are tips on camping out in the jungle that will hold you in good stead.

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Choice of Camp Site

Depending on the type of jungle you are in and the season you are camping in, it is important to ensure that you choose your camp site carefully. Not doing this could mean that you could lose all your belongings and even your life. For instance, camping near a river during the monsoon carries a risk of the river getting flooded and washing out your campsite.


Carry Bug Repellent

Although this is more or less obvious, it is one of the most important tips on camping out in the jungle that people overlook. Bugs in the jungle could be carrying all kinds of germs and could you could get infected with various diseases that may be difficult to cure. So, take all the precautions against infections and carry a strong bug repellent.


Carry First Aid Kit

This is another one of the important tips on camping out in the jungle. When you are out in the jungle, you are miles away from any medical assistance and even the smallest wounds could become a big problem if first aid is not available. So, take a good first aid kit with you that has remedies for all types of minor problems.


Waterproof Tent and Clothing

You can never be sure when there could be rain in a jungle. When you are camping in the jungle, it is better to be prepared for the worst rather than suffer from the consequences. Make sure that your tent is perfectly waterproof. Also carry waterproof clothing like ponchos or rain wear in case you get wet or need to wade into the water.


Protecting Your Food

You need to be very careful about your food when you are camping out in the jungle. Even small crumbs of food at the bottom of the backpack can attract rodents. Rats could tear through the material of your tent as well as your backpack to get to the crumbs of the food.


Carry a Machete

You will surely need a bonfire on your campsite. But, you may not find material for kindling easily. You may need to hack off small branches off trees and for that you will need a machete. So, make sure you carry one.


Carry Matches

This is the most obvious of all camping tips, and yet people tend to overlook it. You will need matches for a variety of purposes like building a bonfire, etc. so, don’t forget your matches as well as lighters in case the matches get wet.

These 7 tips on camping out in the jungle are amongst the most important. The next time you go camping, ensure that you don’t miss out on any of them.

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