7 Vacation Tips on How to Truly Unplug ...


7 Vacation Tips on How to Truly Unplug ...
7 Vacation Tips on How to Truly Unplug ...

Vacation Tips might not seem all that necessary, but if you really, seriously want to relax, you do need them! Vacations are meant to be an opportunity to get away from the pressures of daily life. However, it’s becoming more difficult these days, and that's precisely why helpful vacation tips come in handy. Not only do bosses sometimes demand that employees are contactable while away, but many people sabotage their own trip by insisting on taking their laptop/Blackberry, and spending all their time checking their mail or Facebook. So here are 7 vacation tips on how to truly unplug – literally and metaphorically.

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Abandon Technology

When we’re on vacation, do we really need to be posting photos the moment we take them? It’s not essential, it’s going to make our non-vacationing friends envious, and it’s not prioritising relaxation. So forget about taking your iPhone (it’s safer to leave it at home anyway), avoid the internet cafes, and enjoy a break from technology. A lot of vacation tips involve technology like this, because you should enjoy your vacation before you start sharing your time with others.


Need to Know

When they go on vacation, some people leave contact numbers with just about everyone they know. But how can you truly unplug if you have your boss or colleagues calling you to sort out problems? Only give an emergency number to those who might really need to contact you.


Sort Problems before Leaving

Of the many vacation tips you can use, this one's incredibly practical. It’s pretty difficult to unplug on vacation if you’ve got something on your mind that you should have dealt with. So get organised before you leave and sort out any practical matters like paying bills. You’ll be able to relax so much more if you aren’t panicking about dealing with problems when you get back.


Working Trip?

If you are on a working trip, then naturally you have to deal with work matters. If you are on vacation, then your time is your own. You’ve earned the time off, so make the most of it – resist the temptation to check your work emails or speak to colleagues. Leave the office behind.


Clear Desk, Clear Mind

This is another one of my vacation tips that deals with the things you need to take care of before you leave. Remember, you are going on vacation – the idea is to get away from the office. So in order to avoid spending your precious free time thinking about what needs to be done at work, in the weeks before you leave deal with the most urgent tasks and make sure that someone will deal with anything that crops up while you’re away.


Remote Destination

Are you tired of your cellphone ringing all the time and need a break from it? Of course, you could leave it at home – but one way of disconnecting from all distractions is to choose a quiet and remote destination. If you spend your life in the city, this will be a complete contrast and allow you to switch off completely.


Laid Back

The most essential vacation tips also deal with where you take your vacation. If you find it really difficult to unplug on vacation, then avoid a city break or a busy resort. Opt instead for an environment where the whole purpose is to be unplugged, such as a yoga retreat. With a programme specifically designed to bring about a state of relaxation, you’ll have such a laid-back time that you’ll be refreshed and relaxed both during the vacation and after.

These vacation tips can make your holiday so much more enjoyable. Whether it’s a budget break or a once in a lifetime trip, we want to make the most of it. With our lives being so busy, and budgets frequently tight, a vacation is an infrequent event and often much needed. So these vacation tips will help you to truly unplug and derive the maximum benefit from your time away. What would be your ideal destination to get away from it all? Give us the details, and let us know some more vacation tips that will allow for a stress free holiday!

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