8 Essential Travel Items You Always Forget to Pack but Shouldn't. ...


8 Essential Travel Items You Always Forget to Pack but Shouldn't. ...
8 Essential Travel Items You Always Forget to Pack but Shouldn't. ...

Essential Travel Items can be such a chore when packing because you want to concentrate on the fun aspects of getting ready for your trip, like squashing in that extra pair of flip flops. Unless you are ultra-organised it is easy to leave essential travel items behind and naturally, sod’s law means you will end up needing the very same. This means either making do or having to source the item locally. What is going to surprise you though – where you might think essential travel items as being your hair straighteners, moisturiser and adaptor plug – industry experts think differently. You will more than likely own the 8 Essential Travel Items You Always Forget To Pack But Shouldn’t in my list below but probably would never have thought they would be useful for travelling dilemmas.

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Power Strip

If you have several items need charging or plugging into an electric socket then the multi socket power strip is ideal. A multi strip power socket is a life saver, it saves time and arguments. If there is only one power socket in the room and you want to use your straighteners and someone else wants to watch the TV and to charge their phone up then someone is going to have to lose out and only one item can be used at any time. The bigger the multi socket power strip the more electrical items can be used at the same time. Don’t let arguments over an electrical item ruin your holiday, pack a multi socket power strip and use as much electric as you need. If you are travelling abroad you will need an adapter and converter to connect your appliances to a socket, these can also be bought at a reasonable price and will save a lot of hassle.



A bandanna is also an essential travel item; it can help you out in many ways. It can be used as a hair bobble to tie hair back, an eye mask to keep out the light, a headband, and scarf and can even help in the event of an accident by being used as a sling for an injured arm or a cooling aid when dampened.


Duct Tape

It is a good idea to always carry duct tape with you, you never know when you will need it and can be your saviour in the time of need. Duct tape can be used for holding a busted suitcase together, to cover tears in clothing and shoes, to remove lint from clothing and to cover electric sockets to protect your baby.


Travel Mug

Placing small fragile items in a secure travel mug is a great way to prevent damage to valuables occurring while travelling. The travel mug can also be used to hide valuables in a hotel room as a stained travel mug is the last place a thief would think of looking in.


Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are a hygienic essential travel item and a must have item in your handbag. If you drop food or drink down you while travelling wet wipes are a handy way of cleaning the mess and removing the stains. Wet wipes are a great way of keeping hygienic and sanitising items. If you are at a restaurant and the cutlery doesn’t look very clean using a wet wipe to clean the cutlery and kill all bacteria. They can also be used during a journey to cool the skin and to refresh the face. If you have to use public toilets and are concerned about them being unsanitary, a quick onceover with a wet wipe will do wonders.


Silicone Travel Bottles

Transparent flexible silicone travel bottles are old fashioned but save money. Moisturisers, hair gel etc are hard to get out of the container and a lot of product is wasted. If you pour the contents into a silicone travel bottle and cut the product container open to obtain all the product it is much easier to use and you be able to squeeze out the very last drop unlike the modern containers. They are also much easier and flexible to pack.


Safety Pins

Safety pins can be a saviour when travelling. They can be used in many ways such as deterring thieves to keeps items secure for example using a safety pin to fix the zips together on a bag. If you don’t have time to sew clothing or if the hem comes undone a trouser leg safety clips will hold the trouser leg in place. Safety pins are essential travel items and can help you out in many ways.


Tote Bag

Tote bags save you money instead of paying for single use carrier bags in supermarkets, they are also environmentally friendly. Tote bags are also much more secure than carrier bags and can get much more items in which is ideal for travelling. They can be used on holiday to carry items from a supermarket, can be used as a beach bag and also be used for picnics. Plus, don’t forget girls – very helpful for all those lovely shopping trips to buy souvenirs. When packing your case for your return journey home the tote bag comes in handy as a laundry bag to separate clean and dirty washing.

Next time you take a vacation, produce a checklist to work from when packing to ensure you have all essential travel items. The items I have listed are generally small and will take up minimal space. It may be a list of somewhat surprising 8 Essential Travel Items You Always Forget To Pack But Shouldn’t but they are sensible suggestions and will come in very handy when the need arises. What’s the essential, if unusual, essential travel item you always pack?

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Great tips. As a frequent traveller, I approve! :)

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