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If you are addicted to travel like I am, you might be constantly looking for new ways to feed your wanderlust. Wanderlust is that desire to constantly see new places, meet new people, and have the most incredible experiences around the world. Traveling can get expensive and not everyone can just pick up and jet across the globe whenever they want. That is why those of you who dream of travels can use these ways to feed your wanderlust to take you on exciting journeys without ever having to step on an airplane.

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One of the easiest ways to feed your wanderlust is to simply pick up a book. Books can take you anywhere in the world (and sometimes other worlds). You can choose from stories about far off lands or you can read a non-fiction book filled with pictures of beautiful landscapes. Either way, you will be taken on a wonderful journey that you wished was reality.



Pinterest is for more than just planning your dream wedding and dressing imaginary toddlers; it is for feeding your wanderlust. There is an entire section dedicated to travel. It is filled with the more incredible pictures of incredible places. There are also pins that tell you how to travel on the cheap, advice on what to see around the world, and even packing tips.


Plan a Trip

Even if you can’t exactly travel the world right now, you can still plan your dream trip. Pick anywhere in the world and look at all the possible hotels you can stay in, the activities you can do, and all the incredible sights there are for you to see. You can even make it a challenge and see how cheap you can make the trip or see how many activities you could fit into a certain vacation. Who knows, one day that fake vacation may become reality?


Go Local

You don’t have to travel the globe to feed your wanderlust. Every town and village holds their local attractions. Do some research on your town and neighboring towns and plan a mini-vacation where you can see new and exciting things and meet new people. You would be surprised how much traveling you can do in your own area.


Cook up an Exotic Dish

I don’t know about you but I love to travel to try new exotic dishes. Grab a cookbook and hit up a grocery store to see just how far away your kitchen can take you. Take your taste buds on a trip around the world without ever having to leave your house. It will fill your house with worldly smells and get you excited to try to real deal.


Go on Social Media

You may not be able to travel around the world, but there are plenty of people who are. Social media sites like Instagram and Twitter are the perfect outlets for you to connect with those traveling the world and get a little insight into their trip. You can see the world through their accounts without ever having to leave your house.


Take the Long Route Home

Sometimes just enjoying the beauty of your own area is one of the best ways to feed your wanderlust. We get so caught up in our daily lives we forget that our own backyard can make for the perfect backdrop to dreaming of your next great adventure. Instead of heading straight home after work, take a route you have never taken before and see things you've never seen before.


Get the Right Soundtrack

One of the most exciting things about traveling is hearing the music of new places. It doesn’t matter that half of the time you have no idea what you are listening to, the right soundtrack can take you around the globe. Search for the most amazing and popular music from around the globe and create your ultimate wanderlust playlist.

You don’t have to travel the globe to try things and have great new experiences. While we would all love to say we have traveled the world, it can be hard to plan extravagant vacations when life gets in the way. These ways to feed your wanderlust will satisfy your need to travel while still fueling your excitement for your next great adventure. What did you think of these ways to feed your wanderlust? What are some other ways to feed your wanderlust? Do you have the desire to see the world or do you prefer to not travel?

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