7 Top Travel Guides Worth Packing ...

You might think that the top travel guides to pack are apps on your smartphone or websites you can look up on your tablet. Wrong! While those are great, I still love books. There’s still something so special reading about places from a printed page and seeing photographs that have no issues with sizing or resolution – plus you still get more in books than on websites, generally. If you agree and want to know which top travel guides you should be carrying with you on a trip, here we go...

1. Fodor’s Travel Guides

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Do you want a travel buddy for the ages? Pick up your prospective destination via Fodor’s Travel Guide, one of the top travel guides worth packing. Around since 1936, Eugene Fodor perfected guidebook standards by breaking through the ol’ mold of facts and numbers. He breathed life into his travel guide pages, and the standards hold up still today. Fodor’s stringent editorial policy impresses integrity, and the publications are written by writers with thorough first-hand knowledge of each destination, having lived in the place for which they write. Fodor’s provides the information you want to know in an easily digestible language. With its often updated and relevant dining, shopping and hotel sections, those who like to know their options before settling for less will appreciate Fodor’s selection. And the requisite cultural sights and recommendations are all thoughtfully and expertly detailed as well.

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