8 Suggestions on How to Spend Your Winter Vacation ...


8 Suggestions on How to Spend Your Winter Vacation ...
8 Suggestions on How to Spend Your Winter Vacation ...

I, personally, prefer summer holidays but I have to say that, if spent doing things you like, in the company of people you like, winter ones can be a real blast too. Having so much free time on your hands will be a nice change, right? So, here’s a few ideas on how to use you winter vacation wisely to get the most out of it:

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Invite Friends or Family

If you’re limited with both budget and free time, invite some friends or family to join you in your home. My mom and dad used to organize a lot of these get togethers when I was a kid, and, if my memory serves me good, everybody was happy. I had my little friends to play with and my parents had their big friends to chat with. Having houseguests could certainly motivate you to go out and do stuff you would normally be bored to do. So, there you have it – a budget-friendly option to stay at home without spending your winter vacation glued to the TV.


Go Skiing

It’s impossible to go skiing these days without breaking the bank, I know. Ski pass alone costs a fortune, presuming that you already have skies and other equipment. But, guys, look around! Almost entire Europe is buried in snow and, if these strange weather conditions continue, it might start snowing in places where there hasn’t been any snow ever before. So, get your skies or sleds and go to the nearest hill – that’s what we used to do back in time when my parents had less years on their shoulders and more time on their hands. Ah… childhood memories!


Drastic Change

Are you hungry for adventure? You feel like you need to shake things up a bit and you’re ready to do everything to make this winter vacation a memorable experience? Then, maybe you should consider a drastic climate change! If you’re freezing your butt off as we speak, book a tropical destination and laugh over the fact that you’re in your bikini, in January. Oh, wait, the heat is giving you trouble? Well, set the temperature on your air-conditioned even lower and start browsing through the pages of those ski centers far, far, far, away, in the land covered with icy, white flakes.


Sweet Escape

How about a romantic weekend together? Did you think of that one? This is not a “young couples only” privilege, oh no! In fact, if your kids are old enough to stay alone, surprise them by saying you’re giving them the house for the weekend. You don’t have to go very far away, if you don’t want to. You can even stay in your own city or go to the one close by. The point is to spend some time alone and remind yourselves how dating used to feel.


Explore Your Own City

You can live in the most wonderful place on the world and not know it. You know, like seeing the Eiffel tower and thinking, “Damn, that piece of metal is blocking my sun again” or commenting, “Oh, you see that dark cloud over Acropolis? We better hurry home, it’s about to rain.” So, be a tourist in your own city! Get some prospects and visit, see and ENJOY all those things you never have time to even notice. You’ll be surprised about how much is there to see.


Go Ice-skating Every Day

This is an indoor activity so it doesn’t matter where you live or how hot or cold is the weather there. You don’t even need to have skates, you can rent them. So ask around to find out where is the nearest ice-skating ring and ask a friend that can skate to keep you company. Skating is fun and quite easy – even I can do it and, believe me, that’s something, because I’m like the clumsiest person ever. Plus, each and every attempt I’ve ever made to put rollerblades ended in precisely two seconds– apparently that’s the speed in which my rear end travels when affected by the force of gravity.


Learn New Things

I’m sure all of us have something we want to learn but we never have time to actually sit and do it. I, for example, have a million of exotic recipes I really want to try making but, every time I’m about to cook, I’m like, “Ah, I don’t have time for those right now, let’s just go with something simple.” So, if you want to learn how to use a new program, move your computer somewhere where you can’t be bothered and practice at least once a day. You can start learning something from scratch or work on updating the skills you already have or you used to have at some point.


Go out and Socialize

Here’s something to put in your New Year’s resolution – “ Use free time to reconnect with people”. I’m sure we all have at least one friend we don’t get to see very often. So, why not spend your vacation socializing, going out and inviting people like there’s no tomorrow? You can start your day by having a coffee with that nice neighbor next door, dial some numbers in the afternoon and organize a drink in the local bar for the evening. Shake things up a bit tomorrow by asking a friend you don’t see very often to keep you company while you’re taking the kids to the park and then invite her and her husband to join you for dinner.

And remember not to use your up-coming vacation as an excuse to slack off – finish you work before it and spend your holidays the way you deserve. But, how will you spend your holidays, girls? Will you get some free days this year or busy bee-ing around is going to be your strategy?

Top Photo Credit: Thorsten Becker

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