9 Ways to Stay Comfortable on a Long Flight ...


9 Ways to Stay Comfortable on a Long Flight ...
9 Ways to Stay Comfortable on a Long Flight ...

The longest flight I’ve been on was an hour-long flight from where I live to another city in the northern part of my country. I don’t know what it was but I absolutely hated sitting in a chair, in a confined space, in dry air, thousands of feet above land. I don’t have a fear of flying but I do hate having my behind plastered to a chair for that long. Now, I know that there are longer flights than my hour-long hell so I have no right to complain. I was lucky compared to other people who have to be subjected to those conditions for hours and hours on end. So for all those who have to be on long flights, I have compiled nine easy ways for you to stay comfortable (and sane).

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Reserve a Good Seat

Your seat choice can play a huge role in the level of comfort you experience during your flight. Window seats are great if you want to avoid people passing by or if you want to sleep. For extra leg room, you can choose aisle or exit row seats. You should avoid seats near the lavatory or the backmost part of the plane if you do not want to be disturbed by passengers or engine noise.


Wear Comfortable Clothing

The best thing you can do when embarking on a long flight is to wear comfortable clothing. Make sure that you wear something you can move in, but nothing too loose. You should also consider the thickness or lightness of the clothes you will wear during the flight. As for shoes, wear slip on shoes that are comfortable to walk in.


Check Your Carry-on

Do not bring a carry-on that is too big or bulky. You want to be able to put your bag under your seat or in the overhead cabin without any hassle. Usually, one carry-on bag is enough to fit anything you might need on the plane and upon landing.


Bring a Pillow or Head Rest

Whether you plan on sleeping during the flight or not, it is a good decision to bring a pillow or a head rest. They can help put your head and neck in a comfortable position so you won’t get a stiff neck.


Don’t Forget Entertainment

To keep yourself from being bored, you must not forget to bring some form of entertainment. Bring a laptop, music player, a portable video player, a book, or a portable gaming device. If you don’t want noise interfering with your game, music, or movie, then don’t forget noise-cancelling headphones. If you have a hobby that you can do on the go, then bring the tools you need. Just don’t forget to check with airline security to find out what items are prohibited to bring in your carry-on.


Pack Your Own Snacks

If you want to make sure that you still eat healthy on the plane, then you should pack your own snacks. The sandwich is a great choice because it can really fill you up. You can also bring a homemade burrito as an alternative to the sandwich. For something to nibble on, you can bring a trail mix of seeds and nuts. You can also bring low calorie granola or oatmeal bars for a hassle free snack.


Bring Things to Freshen up with

You can regain a little bit of energy and add some comfort to your long flight by freshening up. To freshen up, don’t forget to bring wet wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, facial wash, and deodorant, among other things. Just make sure that you follow airline rules regarding liquids and gels before packing everything.


Stretch or Walk around

When you can, take time to walk around and find a space to stretch. This will promote better circulation and will prevent your muscles from being cramped. You will feel better after a little movement.


Hydrate and Moisturize

Avoid alcoholic and sugary beverages when traveling because they will only dehydrate you. Make sure that you stay hydrated by drinking water. You can request for water from flight attendants or you can buy your own after passing security. And because airplane cabins tend to have dry air, make sure that you bring some lotion, facial moisturizer, and lip balm to bring back moisture to your skin. If your nose feels dry from the air, then you can use a saline nasal gel to relieve dryness.

Even if you don’t relish the thought of being on a long flight, you don’t have to feel like tortured. It can still be a pleasant, if not bearable, experience for you. Hopefully, these tips will help you stay comfortable on a long flight. Bon voyage!

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