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Summer is usually the best time to go on vacation, whether you choose to go alone or with your friends and family, and that’s why I thought you'd find useful my tips on how to plan a vacation that will be unforgettable. Everybody loves going on vacations or trips, no matter where they choose to go. But, if you want this to be the vacation of your dreams, you should follow a few simple tips on how to plan a vacation that will be just perfect, and just what you needed for so long.

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The most important of the tips on how to plan a vacation is to do your research long before you want to go on your dream vacation. This is the most important step to take in order for everything to go just as planned. Go on forums and see what other people have to say about the accommodations, about the resort, about the people there or about any of the other things that may interest you. This way, you’ll avoid any unwanted surprises.


Plan Your Trip in Advance

Plan your trip as far ahead in advance as possible if you want everything to be just perfect. By doing this, you’ll have time to do the research a perfect vacation absolutely requires and you’ll see if you made the right choice regarding the accommodations, the means you’ll travel by, or the people that will accompany you. Some of them maybe will not be so pleased about the stuff they’ll find there.


Bring a Map

If you decide to drive there, don’t forget to bring a map with you, so you won't get lost. A map will be pretty useful when you get there too, ‘cause you’ll be able to find different tourist attractions more quickly and without any help from the locals. This will surely boost your self-esteem! So, don’t forget, a map may be the most valuable thing to take with you when going on vacation.


Be Prepared for the Weather

Do your research and be prepared for the weather you’ll face on your vacation! Watch the weather channel or search online and see what the weather will be like in the area you’ll be spending your vacation. You’ll avoid any unpleasant surprises and you’ll be prepared for anything Mother Nature could bring you. If the weather will be really, really bad then, maybe you’ll be able to change the date of departure and you’ll go some other time when the weather will be just fine.


Plan Your Activities

Before leaving in vacation, gather your entire family or friends, show them the results of all the research you’ve done for that trip and plan ahead some of the activities you’ll do once you’ll get there. Be prepared for arguments. Remember, if you do this at home, maybe you’ll avoid arguing with your friends and family during your perfect vacation. Try to make some win-win compromises and everything will work out for the best.


Pack a First Aid Kit

Every time you go on vacation, make sure to pack a first aid kit and tell everybody where it can be found, because you can’t ever know what might happen so it’s always best to be prepared. The first aid kit should contain some band aids, some antiseptic cream, paracetamol or aspirin and at least some allergy tablets. You could have there also an emergency contact list in case anyone needs it.


Keep Everyone Entertained

If you’re going on a family vacation and if you choose to travel by car, make sure to bring all kinds of things to keep everyone entertained and as comfortable as possible. This way, your kids (if you have any) won’t be bored during the long trip ‘cause they’ll always have something to do. If you don’t have kids, you could still bring some stuff to keep the other passengers entertained. Time will pass much easier and your trip will be more pleasant.


Estimate the Costs of Your Vacation

Before going on any vacation, you should first try to estimate the total cost of your trip. Don’t forget to include everything, like the cost for accommodation for every person, the cost of food and drinks for everyone, the gas for your vehicle (if you travel by car) and the cost of any other activities you plan on doing in your unforgettable holiday. This way, you’ll always have enough money on you and you’ll avoid any unpleasant surprises.


Take Some Time for Yourself

On every vacation you take, make sure to always take some time for yourself or for you and your partner. You could take a long walk on the beach or you could have a romantic dinner just the two of you. There’s plenty to choose from! If you have kids, this may be a bit difficult to pull off, but with a little creativity, I’m sure you will succeed to take a little time just for yourself or for you and your partner. It will only do you good and it might be just what you need it!

So, there you go, this is my advice for planning the perfect vacation. What other tips could you give me on how to plan a vacation that will be unforgettable? Do tell!

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