7 Things for Your Travel Wardrobe ...


7 Things for Your Travel Wardrobe ...
7 Things for Your Travel Wardrobe ...

I love to travel! I enjoy seeing new sights and places, especially places of historical significance. Over time, I've developed a method of packing that works to save space and keep me ready for anything. These 7 things for your travel wardrobe are sure to have you dressy, yet casual, beautiful and sexy, and yet very comfortable as you see the sights around you!

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Black Dress

You've always got to carry a little black dress when you travel. You never know when a handsome hunk is going to invite you to a nice restaurant or when you're going to be given tickets to the opera while you're visiting abroad. Having a simple black dress will allow you to accessorize to meet the needs of your current situation, whether you dress it up for a fancy event or add a little less bling for a more casual affair.



I'm telling you, girls, my sunglasses are my best friend! I never leave home without them! Not only does wearing them make me look chic and fashionable, they work great for a headband in a pinch, and you actually look great while using them for that purpose! Of course, I have my cute white pair and my sexy black pair, so I'm ready for whatever outfit I choose to wear that day. No matter the time of year, these are never out of style, so pack your sunglasses! Don't forget them! (But if you do, the airport has an awesome selection of replacements!)



You'd be amazed at how much a couple scarfs can change the look of a single outfit. I like to pack a cute denim skirt, white t-shirt and a couple scarfs and mix up the outfit for a couple different day outfits. I have a pink cotton one that I love to wear in my hair, allowing it to drape over my shoulder. It's super cute and so great for a day out seeing the sights! Then, I keep a blue, slightly more dressy one to wear around my neck for a completely different look. It's hard to tell I am wearing the same clothes twice. By doing this, you can cut down on your packing amount and quite possible even fit all your stuff into your carry-on! Think about that - free luggage!


Ballerina Flats

Girl, forget the heels when you're planning a sightseeing trip! You have to walk in comfort! There is nothing more cute and stylish and yet so comfy as ballerina flats, so think twice about the heels you have in your suitcase! Another great shoe choice is loafers. If you must wear a heel out on your trip, go for wedges instead of regular heels. If you get that hot date (when you get to wear your black dress) you can always use that as an excuse to go buy you a brand new pair of sexy, red heels!



Jewelry takes up little space and helps to make your outfit complete. Don't be afraid to pack a different set for every day you'll be gone. I have a silver, tri-chained necklace that I love, love! When I pack that, I usually end up wearing it the most, but I always take plenty of spare stuff as well. I've come out of my shy shell with jewelry. In the past, I wouldn't wear anything real long or clunky. Basically, I stuck to a simple, gold chain and pendant, but not anymore! Jewelry ranks right below sunglasses for me now! I won't travel without my favorite pieces!


Go-to Jacket

Whether your style is a blazer type jacket or a denim jacket, make sure you have on in your luggage! They're great to throw on for a quick outfit change, and you never know when you're going to need it when traveling. Temperature is different everywhere you go. Some nights, a jacket is the perfect touch. I love my Old Navy denim cropped jacket. It's easy to roll up the sleeves for a warmer night look, or all the way down when the air is nippy. I've never gotten brave enough to try a blazer on me, but I just might very soon. (That is, after this baby pops out and I get my figure back!)


Comfortable Underclothes

Forget trying to be sexy while out hiking or walking all day. I suggest going with light cotton bras and panties, since they breathe easily and won't hold heat and moisture like other fabrics. And forget the underwire stuff on the day you're flying. The metal in the bra is sure to ring out when you pass the metal detector, causing more searching. Save the underwire stuff for later. Just make sure you're comfortable in your undergarment choices for your all day excursions.

7 things for your travel wardrobe I find essential for a great trip. What do you think? Agree or disagree? Have something to add? Please, feel free to do so!

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