7 Useful Words and Phrases when Traveling Any Country ...


I’m not going to say much by way of an introduction here other than let you know I am going to share 7 useful words and phrases for traveling that will come in handy – along with 7 translations: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. Even the simplest words can make a difference and take you much further than simply shouting your own language louder to try and make yourself understood. Here are what I think are the most useful words and phrases for traveling.

1. Hello

Nihao. Bonjour. Privyet. Guten tag. Ciao. Nihongo. Privyet. Hola.

Amongst the most useful words and phrases for traveling is a simple, polite β€œhello.” Greeting someone in their native tongue can be a surefire way to win instant approval as a foreigner or tourist. Think about it – when you enter a shop, see someone in the street, or approach a native to ask for directions – before apologizing for not being fluent in the local language, at least demonstrate that you respect the culture enough to learn a basic greeting. A greeting not only breaks the ice, but shows that you’re coming to their culture not as if you own the place, but with a warm intent of diplomacy.

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