7 Traditional Crafts of India to See on Your Travels ...


These days, the traditional crafts of India are mainly produced for tourists, but that matters not one jot. If it means a handicraft that has been passed down generation to generation for centuries survives, and provides money for a rural Indian family to survive, that’s a darned fine thing. Some of the most interesting excursions to make in the sub-continent are to small villages to view displays of the traditional crafts of India – and you come away with some great souvenirs too!

1. Orissa Silver Filigree

Orissa Silver Filigree

With great diversity and a vibrant culture, Orissa is a state boasting hundreds of years of history and tradition. The Oriya people are expert handicraftsmen but the biggest attraction is perhaps the silver filigree work known as Tarakasi. It requires an extremely high level of skill, as fine silver strands are worked into intricately detailed jewelry and decorative objects. One of the traditional crafts of India more than 500 years old, it has traditionally been a strong suit of the artisans on the Eastern shores of Orissa. Though the majority of workers working on this craft are from the district of Cuttack, it is said that the art originally came from Indonesia through the trade links.

Rajasthan Wood Crafts
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