7 of the Best Coffee Houses in San Diego ...

If you’re like me, you probably wouldn’t associate San Diego with coffee, but I think that some of the best coffee houses in San Diego are on par with those found in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. The selections below roast their own coffees, are independent in that they only have a few locations and their staff members are unpretentious! Should you find yourself on the west coast, I hope you get to sample some of the best coffee houses in San Diego.

1. Pappalecco Caffé

This is one of the best coffee houses in San Diego, because it is owned and operated by three Italian brothers, so you know they know how to make a good espresso! The brothers have been doing a roaring trade since opening in 2007, and now have three cafés (Little Italy, Hillcrest and Point Loma). Go in for their espresso con panna and you won't leave without a cup of their homemade gelato. Pappalecco is really welcoming and you’ll definitely hear them say, “Ciao!” when you step inside!