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Spring is headed for us and that means you need some tips to save money when on vacation abroad. You already have your travel plans ready for spring break. The adventure bug has bit you and you are itching to just get out of the house. You planned out your flight, hotel, and the activities you want to do on your spring vacation. Every trip away from your home will eat up the money out of your bank account. You want to have enough money to have a good time. You have to think smart and make the most of your spring adventure. Here are fifteen tips to save money when on vacation abroad.

1. Follow the Locals

Tourist traps love to drink the wallet. Plus, you are not getting the fullest out of your traveling experience. Tourist traps try to go for more of an β€œAmerican” and watered down feel to whoever visits them. Instead, you need to find the nearest local and then follow them to wherever they eat. Locals know where all of the good stuff is and that's one of the very best tips to save money when on vacation abroad.

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