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Whenever I take a Disneyland trip, I plan in advance and make sure that I find some tips that will make my trip even better. If you’re heading over to the Happiest Place on Earth soon, this is the article for you! These tips will help you save some time and energy! Here are some tips for you to have an amazing Disneyland trip!

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Choose the Left-side Lines

On each Disneyland trip, I always choose the left-side lines. Since most people are right-handed, they go toward the right-side lines. This trick works for most of the day, since lots of rides divide up their lines.


Main Street Train Station

The best angle to get a good photo of the Main Street Train Station and the Floral Mickey is to take the photo from, you guessed it, the left side. Even better, you can get the train pulling in without it blocking the station. And if you get there super early, you can even reserve a spot in the cabin that was for Walt Disney’s wife!


Peter Pan!

Peter Pan’s Flight is one of my favorite rides. If you want to go on Peter Pan’s Flight, do it in the morning. The ride doesn’t have a Fast Pass, and the morning is when the line is the shortest.


Airplane Mode

You’ll probably be snapping pictures all day on your phone, so to maximize the battery life of your phone, put it on Airplane Mode with you go on rides like Indiana Jones, the Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean. These rides are underground, so your phone’s battery will drain faster. I always bring an extra battery, too, since Disneyland doesn’t have any charging stations.



If you love to catch the shows at Disneyland, you’ll love this tip! There are two showings of Fantasmic. Go to the second showing, since there’ll be a lot fewer people. This goes for other shows, too, though I’m not sure how many times the park shows the other ones.

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Souvenir Time!

The ideal time to get souvenirs is after the park closes. The shops on Main Street are open for an hour after closing time. Just keep in mind that this is a popular time to shop, so it’ll be crowded! But on the bright side, you got to go on rides, undisturbed! Also, did you know that you could still go on rides after the park has closed? Of course you can’t go on a bunch, but if you’re in line for one, you still get your turn!


Be the First to Exit

If you like to exit the Stretching Room in the Haunted Mansion first, stand next to the door. The wall with the small gap in the middle is the one with the doors. I’ve always found that room the creepiest part of the ride, so I always remember this tip!

These are some of my favorite Disneyland tips. The park is usually incredibly packed, but these hacks make the park even more fun! Once you learn the insider tricks for navigating the park, it’s so much better. Another fun fact if you’re going with kids: Disneyland employees will replace popped balloons and dropped ice cream! How awesome! Did you know about any of these tips? What other Disneyland tips do you have?

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Download an app called Mousewait! It will tell you wait times and that days schedule of events. Also, if you go into the resources tab, it will give you lots of places to plug in your phone. There is so much help with that app! Also, Radiator Springs Racers in California Adventure does have fast pass, but they run out early, so get that first thing in the morning.

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